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Murder of the indigenous healer Olivia Arevalo and lynching of Canadian citizen Sebastian Woodroffe
May 03, 2018
Last Thursday Olivia Arevalo, 81-year-old indigenous healer, spiritual leader and ...
Travel Security in a changing world
November 23, 2017
Our world is changing with such a dramatic speed and it is actually scary to obser...
Corn imports from the US skyrocket
May 28, 2017
Recently the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) proudly reported in its Global Ag...
2 North American “tourists” arrested for disturbing public order
April 26, 2017
Last Friday, April 21, 2017 Canadian national Jennifer Moore and US citizen John D...
Editorial Ethics on Peru Telegraph
October 06, 2018
We pride ourselves to publish unbiased news on Peru Telegraph, but many articles o...
5 results - showing 1 - 5