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Travel Security in a changing world

Travel Security in a changing world

Accidents, emergencies and incidents will occur anywhere and anytime


Our world is changing with such a dramatic speed and it is actually scary to observe what happens all around us. I’m pretty sure that many sometimes feel helpless or even scared about certain events close to home.

With the oversaturation of news in media we get additionally bombarded with everything that happens anywhere else - literally in real time.

Whenever you’re leaving the comfort zone of your home and endeavor on a journey esécially to a foreign country, safety and security becomes a real issue. In our daily routines we quickly identify certain areas of risks and obviously note any changes to the prevailing conditions. Consequently by changing our behavior of avoiding these areas or situations we adopt to keep us safe.

Obviously the whole thing changes quickly when travelling as we lack exactly this experience and depend on what others have experienced and what we can extract from different information sources. Again as we haven’t been there ourselves, this information should be evaluated and analyzed carefully to get a good idea on what is happening in a certain destination.

Accidents, emergencies and incidents will occur anywhere and anytime. It is therefore important to understand the risks we might face and by taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves. Everyone travels with a different goal and philosophy in mind, ranging from the extreme backpacker that gets thrilled by discovering the hidden secrets while living on a shoestring or the full luxury traveler that would like to enjoy life to the fullest.

Also a very important point to consider is our personal background and our life’s experiences that affect the process of decision-making. It is pretty likely that an intellectual will react differently to situations than for example someone with a military background.

Basically it is always important to have a good plan by taking certain risk reducing measures. Again depending on the previously mentioned you will consider certain threats differently.

Travel Tips and Safety Advice for Peru

To give you a comprehensive overview of the actual situation in the country, we have created a great security series with invaluable information regarding safety and security including useful travel tips: "Travel Tips and Safety Advice for Peru".

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Travel Advisory (2018)

Final words

After all that “negativity” I would like to mention that it is important to not forget the reason you are travelling in the first place and enjoy your trip. Appreciate the journey with an open minded approach to get to know different cultures and people, get amazed by some spectacular architecture and while looking at the culinary variety don’t worry about your slim line – you’re on a vacation...

Have a safe trip!

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