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Peruvian Student Visa

Peruvian Student Visa

A Guide to Peruvian Visas

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Students planning to study at a Peruvian educational institution or wanting to do an internship / apprenticeship (without payment) at a Peruvian company, have to apply for a student visa.

Please note that the Peruvian educational institution or training facility has to be recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education or the National Assembly of University Rectors.

In some cases, "short-term" students and participants of study abroad programs don't have to apply for a student visa. You should contact your Peruvian university, the organization of your exchange program or nearest Peruvian consulate to check if this exception applies to you.

Depending on the length of your studies in Peru a temporary or resident student visa may be issued.

While Peruvian consulates in the US and a few other countries still issue student visas, Peruvian diplomatic missions in other countries don't do this anymore. So, students or interns enter Peru on a tourist visa and then change their immigration status at Peru's immigration office called "Migraciones".

Requirements for a student visa include, but may not be restricted to:

  • Application form and fee
  • Passport valid at least 6 months and copy
  • If you apply in Peru: valid (tourist) visa at the time of application
  • For Students: Enrollment certification issued by a recognized Peruvian educational institution
  • For interns: Official letter from the foreign university or higher education institution that has to be legalized by the Peruvian Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lima or has been stamped with an Apostille in the country of origin.
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources to fund your studies or internship in Peru

Can I work on a student visa in Peru?

No, the Peruvian student visa doesn’t allow foreigners to work or engage in any professional activity receiving a remuneration. To do a professional (paid) internship or to work during official university vacations foreign students can apply for a special authorization to work at "Migraciones". Be aware that the internship / work contract must be approved by the Labor Ministry.

Extension of a Peruvian student visa

When your visa is about to expire, but you continue to study in Peru, you can extend your student visa at the Peruvian immigration office Migraciones. Visit the webpage of Migraciones to fill out an online form and make an appointment; click on "prorroga" (permancia, in case you have a temporary student visa, residencia, in case you have a resident student visa) and follow the instructions. Next to your passport, the payment receipt for the extension and proof of sufficient funds, you need your certificate of matriculation and an actualized document from your university including your carreer / courses that proves you still study.

!!! As visa and entry regulations can change quickly without prior notice, we highly recommend to confirm current visa requirements with the nearest Peruvian embassy or consulate !!!

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