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The information provided in our Business & Investment Section for Peru should give you a good idea on what to expect with regards to the requirements and legal framework that you will face when investing in the country, opening a business, paying taxes, considering employees.
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Business Part 1
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Peru is seeking to attract investment, both domestic and foreign, in all sectors of the economy. For such purpose, it has taken the necessary measures to establish a coherent investment policy that eliminates barriers that may be faced by foreign investors. As a result, it has been considered one of the countries with the most open investment regimes in...
SUNARP is the governing body of the National System of Public Records in Peru
Business Part 2
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There are different types of legal entities which investors can use in order to incorporate businesses in Peru. The main legal forms of companies are: corporation, limited liability companies, branch offices, joint venture, etc. The following corporation and company types are those most commonly used in Peru.
Setting up a Company or Corporation in Peru
Business Part 3
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Any company established in Peru with national or foreign capitals is governed by the General Law on Companies. Companies can be established in a sole act performed by the founding partners. To register a Company only two partners who may be individuals (or a corporate body) and the preparation of the Minutes of Incorporation are required.
Labor Regulations Peru
Business Part 4
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Indefinite-term employment contracts are the rule of thumb for hiring in Peru. Without prejudice to the foregoing, fixed-term and part-time employment contracts may be executed in special cases.
Corporate Considerations for Peru
Business Part 5
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In this guide we have collected important additional legal background for the corporate environment in Peru. Before reading this, you should have a good understanding of the "Company & Corporation Types in Peru" that is the second part of our Business & Investment Guide.
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