Stay Connected in Peru

Information about digital and printed media, digital connectivity, provider and technology for getting and staying “connected” in Peru.
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Newspapers in Peru
Stay Connected SunflowerSunflower January 26, 2019 15162   0   1   0   0  
With the ever-increasing trend to deliver news online, the good old newspaper, printed on paper, which provided readers with the latest local, national and international news for centuries, seems to be on the way out. Around the globe newspaper publishers and other print media adapted to changes in technology and reader’s demands and today offer news stories and other...
An overview of Peru's main cellphone and mobile internet operators
Stay Connected SunflowerSunflower Updated February 18, 2020 26391   0   1   0   0  
Nowadays it is a near-necessity to stay connected and online at all times even when travelling or moving. In Peru, which has seen a tremendous development in mobile networks over the past years and today is one of the best in 4G availability in Latin America, that’s relatively easy.
2 results - showing 1 - 2