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I’m a passionate and dedicated safety & security professional with over 25 years of experience in the sector with all its facets. In the last 15 years I have worked on an executive level for luxurious hospitality brands in Latin America and the Caribbean. As I was born in Peru and operating in the tourism sector the creation of PeruTelegraph was an obvious chain of events. This project is a fantastic opportunity to share my know-how and experiences about a country that has change so much since my childhood. (Tim)

"The riches of a country like Peru cannot be calculated in a monetary value, neither can be exceptional experiences and unforgettable moments…"
The Jeweled Frog and the Condor
Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales

By a quiet pond, at the side of a cloud-topped mountain in Peru, lived a small green frog and his large green family. When the early evenings darkened the sky, the frogs would gather on the slippery banks by the water and listen to family legends and to stories of the land that lay beyond their...

The Pied Piper of Peru
Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales

My name is Juana. For many years I lived with a colony of mice in a priory in Lima, Peru. We had a good life with the friars who lived there and found plenty of food in the kitchen and pantry. We had snug little homes in nearby nooks and crannies.

The Fox and the Gulls
Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales

Once upon a time a gull laid her eggs on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Peru. There were three eggs altogether and the whole day long the mother gull sat on them to keep them warm, only leaving the nest occasionally to catch herself a fish from the lake.

The Crying Llama
Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales

The world almost ended long time ago. The seas rose, and the people of the earth were lost forever in the swirling waters - not all the people, fortunately, one man was saved. This is how it happened…

Following constitutional turmoil, a new political and security landscape is emerging under the new Peruvian president, Francisco Sagasti.

The red and white colors of the Peruvian flag were an inspiration of General José de San Martín. There are various theories and interpretations about its composition.

Huatya Curi and the Five Condors
Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales

A long time ago, at the jagged top of the world where the snow lives, there was a poor young man named Huatya Curi. His name meant Potato Eater, for he lived off the vegetables he found in the mountain fields of the Yauyo villagers. His name also meant orphan, because love for him was a cold wind, not a...

The Grateful Dove
Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales

Once there were two bad boys who liked to torture animals. They hated to work in the vegetable patch, and they did not care to do chores for their old parents. They wanted to do no work at all. One day they ran away from home, bringing along their little brother, whom they had tricked with false...

The Mouse Husband
Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales

A mouse fell in love with a pretty young woman and changed himself into a slender young man, long-faced, however, and with tiny, bright eyes. He spoke with a thin, whistling voice, and his manners were excellent.

The Dancing Fox
Peruvian Legends, Myths & Tales

Foxes love to dance. They dance in the dark with young women who slip quietly from their beds and come running out into the night. But the fox who dances must wear a disguise.

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