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I’m a publisher by trade and additionally have a master’s degree in business and tourism. Over 2 decades ago I left home, traveled a lot and lived in numerous countries around the globe; one of these is Peru, which – yes, I have to admit it – I wasn’t fond of at first, but fell deeply in love with over the 10 years I stayed.

Next to traveling and immerging into the lifestyle of my guest country, I love to read, research and share my knowledge. So, writing about my impressions and experiences and getting the facts right isn’t an obligation for me, but comes naturally and from my heart.

I’m always eager to learn more about different (ancient) cultures, their lifestyle, traditions, beliefs and how they are interconnected. And last but not least my respect for nature and its beauty makes me passionate about living a less consume-oriented life and maintaining our biodiversity, which results in my love of the abundance of fresh fruits, veggies and other produce in Peru, which then ends in my kitchen where I enjoy cooking and baking.

Peru with all its beauty and riches, but also with all its flaws, is a very special, here and there even a magic place; and I’m thrilled to introduce you to it and give you an understanding of this amazing country as co-founder and editor in chief of Peru Telegraph.

Cushuro (nostoc sphaericum), also known as cusuro, murmuntu(a), llullucha, macha-macha, rachapa or simpler egg of the rivers, is a blue-green alga that is traditionally used as food source in the Andes of Peru, Chile and Bolivia, as natural medicine and organic fertilizer for centuries. Due to its...

Last Monday the “Premios Summum 2019”, the most important culinary award in Peru recognizing the best restaurants in the country, were awarded in presence of local chefs and gastronomy professionals at the Gran Teatro Nacional in Lima.

Camu Camu
Food & Drink

Camu Camu, also know as cacari, camocamo or myrciaria dubia, is native to the Peruvian lowland jungle and grows on bushy trees along riverbanks and in flooded areas of the Amazon rainforest. Its extraordinary high Vitamin C content in combination with other for our body beneficial nutrients makes...

Great Place to Work®, a globally operating consulting firm based in the US with branches in 58 countries, just recently revealed the results of their latest survey “Best Places to Work for Millennials in Peru 2019”.

Over the past two decades Peru has seen an incredible increase in visitor numbers. And this trend continued in 2018.

Less than two weeks after the spectacular and successful Pan-American Games 2019 have come to an end in just a couple of days the ParaPan-American Games 2019 will be inaugurated with a festive opening ceremony at the Estadio Nacional in Lima. And the city can’t wait to welcome and cheer on the...

After the absolutely amazing and typical Peruvian inauguration ceremony yesterday, the Pan American Games 2019 in Lima are in full swing. To facilitate a quick and smooth transport for the 6,7000 athletes, numerous officials and others involved in the Games through Lima’s usually congested...

In just a couple of days the Pan-American Games 2019 will be inaugurated with a festive opening ceremony at the Estadio Nacional in Lima. And the Peruvian capital is ready.

The Swiss company Victorinox, well-known around the globe for its high quality and extremely functional pocketknives that are not only trusted multi-tools in all life’s adventures, but due to some unique designs sought after collection items, launched its second Peruvian themed pocketknife...

Just 4 hours from Tacna in southern Peru in the Vilacota-Maure Regional Conservation Area one of the many hidden and mostly unknown natural treasures the country has to offer, can be found: the Valley of the Geysers (El Valle de los Géiseres).

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