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How dangerous is Peru really?

How dangerous is Peru?

Travel Tips and Safety Advice – Part 1

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Peru is a diverse country full of vitality and South American lifestyle which can be visited easily and safely. Most Peruvians are hardworking and honest people who warmly welcome visitors.

Nevertheless, foreigners should be aware that they are visiting a developing country.

In the eyes of the average population tourists and expats must be extremely rich, only because they can afford a trip to a faraway country. So, the risk potential at various levels is surely higher in Peru than back home on your sofa.

Most crimes against foreign visitors in Peru include petty crimes such as pick-pocketing, cheating, fraud and theft, sporadically as well robbery. From these offenses, you at least partly can and should protect yourself against with knowledge, proper preparation and a few simple steps. Violent crimes against tourists however are extremely rare and mostly are connected to the drug scene.

Other safety risks such as earthquakes or diseases should also not be forgotten. Here it’s as well recommend to inform yourself thoroughly before your trip to Peru.

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