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International Schools in Peru

International Schools in Peru

A guide for education and schools in Peru

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Public schools in Peru have an extremely bad reputation; and deservedly so. Unfortunately, quite often school buildings are in bad shape, classes are big, teachers underpaid and unmotivated while the educational standard is on an extremely low level as the last PISA study once again showed (Peru ranked on one of the bottom positions).

So, parents, Peruvian and foreign, across the country that have available facilities nearby and the financial means send their children to private schools or even better to an international school. While you can find local private schools, both good and bad, following the Peruvian curriculum in all the major cities in Peru, most, not all, international schools however are located in Lima.

Curriculum of international schools in Peru

Most international schools in Peru offer an education based on the North American or British curriculum, but you find as well international schools that follow the education system of Germany, Italy or France; and there are some schools offering an alternative education approach such as the Waldorf philosophy. Nevertheless, by law all schools in Peru additionally have to incorporate the Peruvian curriculum which includes classes in Spanish and Peruvian history/ science / social studies. School-leaving qualifications of students from international schools in Peru include the official Peruvian diploma, and usually an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma (or equivalent) or an IGCSE certificate.

Peruvian school year and vacations

The Peruvian school year starts after the big summer holidays at the beginning of March and ends just before Christmas. For students coming to Peru from the northern hemisphere, where the school year usually starts in August or September this often means they either have to advance half a year or go back half a year.

The Peruvian school year is divided into two terms: the first from March to July and the second from August to December.

School holidays vary yearly a bit and depend as well on the school, but are usually a week in May, 2 to 3 weeks winter vacation in July, a week in October and the summer holidays from mid-December to the end of February.

To cater for children of expatriates that might only stay a few years in Lima, two schools in the Peruvian capital (Colegio Roosevelt and the International Christian School) follow the northern hemisphere school calendar starting the school year in August and ending it in June.

How to enroll into Peruvian international schools?

While foreign students that just moved to Peru can of course apply to be enrolled into an international school at any time and in any grade, usually children in Peru have to be registered for inscription the year before they enter the international school´s kindergarten.

It is common practice that the kids, as small as they are, have to pass an “entrance exam” (usually a play afternoon where the age-appropriate development is checked) and the parents are invited to an interview. Foreign students that just arrived in Peru also have to pass a placement test; their parents however often have to go through an interview and a financial background check. No matter if a kid enters the school in kindergarten or any other grade, the school then decides if the child and the parents fit into the school community.

Be aware that in Peru schools are more than just education institution. They are a place for the children and parents to network and make the “right” contacts important for the future. So, if you can afford to pay thousands of Dollars to have your child in one particular school, you can be assured he or she will study with Peru’s high society. With a rigorous selection process the school on the other hand wants to make sure that your child and you belong there.

Documents needed for applying to be enrolled can include, but may not be restricted to the child’s birth certificate and ID, parent’s degrees, certificate of employment and / or income statement, certificate issued by the previous school that you paid the school fees on time and leave without debts, payment of inscription fee and sometimes a recommendation letter from someone with ties to the school. If the documents are from abroad and not in Spanish, some schools demand an Apostille (or legalization from a Peruvian consulate abroad) and a translation. For information on exact requirements please get in contact with international school of your choice.

Costs of international schools in Peru

In general, an international education in Peru is quite expensive. Monthly fees range from more or less 1,000 Soles to over US$ 1,500, while one-time admission fees start at about 10,000 Soles and reach over US$ 18,000.

According to Peruvian law schools are only allowed to charge a one-time admission fee, a yearly enrollment fee and a monthly tuition. The admission fee has to be paid when the child enters the school, the enrollment fee usually in February of each year when the child is registered for the new school year and the tuition depending on the school 9 or 10 months per year.

School books and materials are sometimes provided by the school, but usually have to be bought and paid for additionally. An accident insurance for schoolchildren is obligatory in Peru, but most private health insurance plans already include one, so you don’t have to take out another insurance offered by the school.

In Peru students wear a school uniform to class.

List of recommended international and alternative schools in Peru

Below you can find a listing of recommended international schools in Peru. Most are in Lima, but a handful as well in Arequipa, Cusco and Trujillo. Click on the name of each school in the list below to open a detailed description page with information about offered grades and education systems, languages of instruction, additional languages, school-leaving qualifications and costs in 2019 including admission fee, enrollment fee and tuition. This information should give you a general overview of each school and a general idea about expenses. For more details, check out the website of the school(s) of your choice and get in contact with them.

Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt
Secondary Title: American School of Lima
Colegio Roosevelt is the official U.S. State Department Office...
Secondary Title: British School in Lima
Markham College was founded by British expatriates and students...
Newton College
Secondary Title: British Peruvian School in Lima
Newton College is a Peruvian British school offering a...
San Silvestre School
Secondary Title: Girls-only British School in Lima
San Silvestre School is a British Peruvian girls only...
Abraham Lincoln School
Secondary Title: Peruvian North American School in Lima
The Abraham Lincoln School is a Peruvian North American...
International Christian School Lima (ICS)
Secondary Title: Christian School in Lima
The International Christian School (ICS) of Lima is an...
Colegio Peruano Britanco
Secondary Title: Peruvian British School in Lima
The Colegio Peruano Británico (CPB) is a private institution,...
Hiram Bingham
Secondary Title: British International School in Lima
Hiram Bingham is a British International School influenced by...
British First School
Secondary Title: British International School in Lima
British First School is a small select British International...
Colegio Peruano Aleman Alexander von Humboldt
Secondary Title: German School in Lima
The Alexander von Humboldt School is an official German...
Colegio Pestalozzi
Secondary Title: Swiss School in Lima
Colegio Pestalozzi is a Swiss International School aiming at...
Colegio Italiano Antonio Raimondi
Secondary Title: Italian School in Lima
The Colegio Antonio Raimondi is the Italian school in...
Colegio Franco Peruano
Secondary Title: French School in Lima
The Lycée Franco-Péruvien is a French international school in...
Casuarinas College
Secondary Title: International School in Lima
Casuarinas International College is an international school following the...
Colegio Alpamayo / Colegio Salcantay
Secondary Title: Christian boys and girls School in Lima
The education at the boys-only Colegio Alpamayo and affiliated...
Villa Per Se
Secondary Title: Alternative School in Lima
Villa Per Se is an educational institution whose pedagogy...
Colegio Waldorf
Secondary Title: Waldorf School in Lima
The Colegio Waldorf Lima is the oldest Waldorf School...
Colegio Anglo Americano Prescott
Secondary Title: Anglo American School in Arequipa
The Colegio Anglo Americano is a nonprofit private school...
Colegio Peruano Aleman Max Uhle
Secondary Title: German School in Arequipa
The Colegio Peruano Aleman Max Uhle is an official...
Andino Cusco International School ACIS (former Ausangate)
Secondary Title: International School in Cusco
The Ausangate Andino International School is a bilingual education...
Sir Alexander Fleming College
Secondary Title: The British International School of Trujillo
The Fleming College in Trujillo aims at being the...