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Peruvian numismatic series Builder of the Republic (Constructores de la República) - Bicentenary 1821-2021

Builders of the Republic - Bicentenary 1821–2021 Coin Series

Numismatic series "Constructores de la República – Bicentenario 1821 - 2021"


In commemoration of the bicentenary of Peru's independence from Spain the Peruvian Central Reserve Bank (BCRP) issued the numismatic series "Constructores de la República – Bicentenario 1821 - 2021" (Builders of the Republic – Bicentenary 1821 – 2021). With this coin series the lovely numismatic culture is continued and those who fought for Peru’s independence, freedom and dignity building the new Peruvian Republic are honored and remembered with one of the most commonly used coins in the country, the S/ 1 coin.

On the front of each of the 9 different Builders of the Republic coins one personality which played an important role in the long and difficult Peruvian independence struggle is depicted; the back shows the Peruvian Coat of Arms surrounded by the writing Banco Central de Reserva del Perú (Central Reserve Bank of Peru) and the year of issue.

All coins of the series have the denomination of One Sol (S/ 1). They are a legal tender. The coins circulate simultaneously with all other S/ 1 coins and can be used in any transaction in Peru.


Value: One Sol (S/ 1)

Date of issue: 2020 -

Diameter: 25.5 mm

Mass: 7.32g

Material: Alpaca (copper alloy with nickel and zinc)

Mintage: 10 million coins of each motive

Front image: personality crucial to Peru's struggle for independence and the logo of the National Mint on a background of vertical lines

Back image: Peruvian Coat of Arms

Legal tender: Yes

1st Builders of the Republic coin - Juan Pablo Viscardo y Guzmán

The first coin of the Builders of the Republic numismatic series was issued on October 9, 2020. It honors Juan Pablo Vizcardo y Guzmán, a Peruvian Jesuit and writer who was a fierce opponent of Spanish colonialism in Latin America and campaigned for Peru’s independence from Spain.

Peruvian numismatic series Builder of the Republic  1st coin

Born in Pampacolca, Arequipa to Spanish colonial parents in 1748, he lived as a Jesuit among the indigenous people near Cusco and was deeply moved by the Rebellion of Tupac Amaru (1780–1782). Analyzing the past and present, his concerns related to the future of the indigenous people. He became a fierce opponent of Spanish colonialism and secretly traveled to London in 1782, where he stayed for two years. Back in Peru, Viscardo was expelled from his home country a few years later. Sponsored by the British Government to give an account of the development of Latin America's independence, he once again ended in London in 1791 taking his message of freedom to Europe. Here he wrote several important essays, all promoting freedom for the Spanish colonies in Latin America and criticizing Spanish colonialism and its economic control. Surely his most important work was the 1792 “Letter to the Spanish Americans” (Carta a los españoles americanos) in which he send a message of freedom and the promise of a better future after independence to his “brothers and compatriots” in Peru.

Juan Pablo Viscardo y Guzmán died in exile in London in 1798. His famous letter was published only a year later in French and in 1801 in Spanish.

2nd Builders of the Republic coin - ???

Until now, the Peruvian Central Reserve Bank hasn't announced when the next coin will be issued and who will be featured. We will update this article as soon a new coin is issued.

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