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Since May 2018 tourist visa can be extended in Peru again

Tourist Visa extension in Peru

How to extent your tourist visa in Peru

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Sunflower - Last Update: October 14, 2018

For years it wasn’t possible to extend your tourist visa / "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist" once you entered Peru. This changed in May 2018.

Since May 15, 2018 tourists who got less than the maximum allowed 183 days in a 365 days period when entering Peru now can extend their tourist visa - correctly their "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist" - while in Peru quick and easy online.

To extent the tourist visa in Peru certain requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Only nationals who don’t have to apply for an actual tourist visa at a Peruvian consulate abroad, but get a so-called "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist" upon arrival can apply for the extension
  • Only those visitors with a still valid tourist visa (correctly “temporary authorization to enter as a tourist") can apply for the extension; when the visa is already expired the process doesn’t work.
  • The tourist visa (correctly the "temporary authorization to enter as a tourist") can only be extended for up to 3 months and up to the maximum allowed 183 days within a 365 days period – so if you only got 30 days when you entered Peru, you can only get an additional 90 days. If you want to stay longer than that you have to do an Interpol clearance and then can extend up to the max. 183 days in person at any Migraciones office. If you got 120 days when you entered Peru, you can only extend your tourist visa for 63 days as then you stay the maximum allowed 183 days within a 365 days period.
  • Be aware that for nationals of EU member states the maximum allowed time is 90 days within a 183 days period. Right now it’s not clear if they as well can extend their visa to 183 days or just the max. 90 days.
  • The passport of the applicant has to be be valid

How to apply for a tourist visa extension in Peru online

To apply for the extension of your tourist visa, first pay the fee of S/ 11.70 for the Migraciones administrative procedure “F-7 Prórroga de Permanencia” under code 01857 at any Banco de la Nacion branch or on pagalo.pe.

You can find detailed explanations about how to pay, what you have to do and be aware of, how to register on the online payment platform and how to find the correct fee you have to pay, in our article "Paying administration charges and processing fees in Peru".

Then enter the Migraciones website under “Prórroga de Permanencia en Línea – PRPL” and click on “Generar Prorroga”. On the next page fill in the form. Make sure to enter your personal data exactly as in your passport. Be prepared that this might cause some inconsistencies, especially for married women that choose to take her husband's surname.

While in North America and Europe you have your father's or mother’s surname or both or even your husband's / wife's surname, in Peru the surname of a person is composed of the apellido paterno (surname of the father) and the apellido materno (surname of the mother); married women in Peru only add a "de and husband’s surname" to their double surname.

Even though not really correct, don’t enter your father’s and mother’s surname in the spaces on the form for the primer apellido and segundo apellido, but your surname(s) as in your passport! If you have one surname write it in the apellido paterno space and leave the apellido materno space empty, if you have two surnames, write the first one under primer apellido and the second under Segundo apellido, even though these might not be your father’s and mother’s names.

Before you, already numerous people (me included) argued with Peruvian authorities about these discrepancies without success. If the name(s) on the form don’t match the name(s) in your passport the only result is a rejection of your application.

Then follow the steps as indicated (have the receipt from the bank on hand as you have to enter some data from it) and you are ready.

Be aware that the system is brandnew and as soon a tiny detail isn't correct, you will receive error messages. As one of our readers commented, it as well seems to be difficult to enter the for the system correct number of extension days. So for now you might have to play around a bit, to get your extension done online. If for whatever reason you just can't get it done, you can always visit Migraciones and get the extension there.

Keep the administration procedure number (tramite no.) and date of application safe.

The approval process usually takes about 3 to 5 working days and you can check under “Consultar Prorroga” that your extension was processed.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Chris · 1 months ago
    Visa extension

    I just extended my visa by following the instructions, I was issued 30 days on arrival and I kept getting errors when trying to get a 90 day extension. Finally I got approved when I had all details correct and extended for 59 days, not even 60. If you keep getting error messages, keep double checking all information you input on the forms, I had sooo many errors and just kept trying and kept changing numbers of days for extension and finally was approved for a 59 day extension. Hope this helps someone, it was kind of a nightmare for me.When I first put in 90 days for the extension it said i had to go to my nearest immigration office and bring forms.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • PeruTelegaph
      · 1 months ago
      Hello Chris, thank you so much for giving us feedback on the new visa extension procedure in Peru. So it seems the system doesn't work flawlessly; it might take some time until all the "teething troubles" you had to conquer, are eliminated. The only thing that really makes me wonder is why you only could extend your visa up to 89 days. Are you a EU national or other national that only can stay in Peru on a tourist visa 90 days within a 183 days period? And by the way, if the system doesn't work you can always pay Migraciones a visit and do the extension in person. Thanks again! Saludos