Monday, January 21, 2019 | Online Edition #828
Thursday January 17

Mistura 2019

in Food & Drink News

by Eva Summer

Since Apega, the Peruvian Gastronomy Association that organizes Peru’s largest food fair, announced in August…

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Wednesday January 09

Dakar 2019 – daily highlights

in Sports News

by Eva Summer

Peru, and here especially the southern part of the country, is infected by the Dakar…

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Wednesday January 02

Dakar Rally 2019 in Peru - Some facts and challenging changes to the program

in Sports News

by Eva Summer

In just a few days, the 2019 Dakar Rally, the most famous and toughest off-road…

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Sunday December 30

Sky Airline enters Peruvian domestic flight market in 2019

in Travel News

by Eva Summer

Peru’s first low-cost airline Viva Air Peru, which started operation in the country in May…

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Thursday December 13

Peru lost 10 positions in the overall global Ease of Doing Business ranking

in Economy News

by Eva Summer

The past year hasn’t been especially positive for doing business in Peru. According to the…

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Monday December 10

Peruvians headed to the polls to vote on political and judicial reforms

in Politics News

by Eva Summer

Yesterday Peruvians headed to the polls to vote in a constitutional referendum on political and…

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Monday December 10

BCRP announces withdrawal of Peruvian 5 Centimos coin from circulation

in Economy News

by Eva Summer

The Peruvian Central Reserve Bank (BCRP) announced that from January 1, 2019 the distribution of…

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