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Brandzs Top 20 Most Valuable Peruvian Brands 2019; source: Kantar
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During the “Kantar Talks 2019: How to grow in competitive times?” held last week in Lima, Kantar Millward Brown, a multinational market research company focused on advertising effectiveness, strategic communication, media and brand equity research, unveiled their annual list of the Top 20 Most Valuable Peruvian Brands 2019.
The Peruvian capital Lima is the 3rd worst congested city in the world. Drivers are stuck in traffic up to double the time a trip would take without the chaos on the roads.
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TomTom, the Dutch multinational developer and creator of navigation technology and consumer electronics, released the TomTom Traffic Index 2018 which provides statistics and information about congestion levels in 403 cities across 56 countries on 6 continents. And the Peruvian capital Lima is among the top 3 worst congested cities in the world.
In the future both financial institutions will jointly manage credit card operations and offer other products and services to Peruvian customers
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The Canadian multinational Scotiabank announced last Friday that it completed the acquisition of 51% of the shares of the Chilean Banco Cencosud’s in Peru after receiving the approval from Peruvian authorities.
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Once upon a time Peru had the best railway network for passengers and cargo in South America. These times are long gone and today only 3 passenger railways mainly for tourism purposes are left – the famous train ride from Ollantaytambo, Urubamba or Poroy near Cusco to Machu Picchu, the spectacular journey between Cusco and Puno and the picturesque...
World Bank Doing Business Report 2019 - How Peru managed
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The past year hasn’t been especially positive for doing business in Peru. According to the “Doing Business Report 2019” published by the World Bank, Peru lost 10 positions in the overall global Ease of Doing Business ranking and is now only positioned on rank 68 from 190 surveyed economies.
The Peruvian 5 centimos coin is withdrawn from circulation in January 2018; BCRP
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The Peruvian Central Reserve Bank (BCRP) announced that from January 1, 2019 the distribution of the Peruvian 5 centimos coin will be stopped and the coin is withdrawn from circulations.
an increasing number of Peruvians is rich and extreme rich accumulating for most Peruvians incomprehensible wealth
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Over the past two decades Peru experienced an economic boom with impressive GDP growth rates, increases in average income and wealth as well as improvements in the overall infrastructure.
Port ranking by handled containerized cargo in Latin America and the Caribbean 2017; source: ECLAC, Maritime and Logistic Profile, June 2018
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Based on data obtained directly from port authorities and terminal operators, ECLAC, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, releases each year its Maritime and Logistics Profile which includes a ranking of 120 container ports in the region by handled cargo volume in containers.
Lima – the 4th riskiest city in Latin America
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According to the latest “Lloyd’s City Risk Index 2018”, compiled by the University of Cambridge and the British insurance and reinsurance market Lloyd’s of London, the Peruvian capital Lima is the 4th riskiest city in Latin America and positioned 39th on a global level.
Tax increase in Peru 2018
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Almost unnoticed by the public that seems to suffer from a severe outbreak of soccer fever due to Peru’s participation in the World Cup in Russia, last week the Peruvian government presented a new law in which excise taxes on sodas, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, fuels and new cars powered by diesel or gasoline are significantly raised.
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