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Peruvian cuisine is among the most varied and best in the world. It's a reflection of its three main geographical zones, the coast, the Andean highlands and the jungle, and an incorporation of influences from different times and immigrant cultures. Today the Peruvian cuisine combines Pre-Inca and Inca staples and food with the Spanish, Basque, African, Asian and French, Italian and British cuisine which immigrants brought with them; a unique fusion of the culture, traditions and flavors of four continents in which all parts coexist or melt in harmony and even enrich another. Next to foreign influences and ethnic diversity the Peruvian cuisine is also characterized by Peru's unique climates and landscapes. Each region, each town has its own local cuisine and culinary treasures, depending on geography and climate that provide different ingredients native to each area.
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Lucuma is undoubtly the most popular fruit in Peru. The native subtropical fruit, which some even name "The last gold of the Incas” and consider it as the “national fruit”, is grown in the Peruvian Andes since ancient times.
Alfajores - a sweet and addicting temptation made in Peru
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Creamy, sweet Manjar Blanco embedded in two almost powdery cookies, that is a traditional, absolutely delicious and addicting Peruvian Alfajor - one of the most popular sweet sensations in the country.
Peruvian Chicha Morada - a delicious drink made from purple corn
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For thousands of years ancient cultures high in the Peruvian Andes produced a refreshing, fruity and healthy (at least if you go easy on the sugar) non-alcoholic drink called Chicha Morada that with the arrival of the Incas spread throughout the empire and later was refined with ingredients brought to the country by the conquering Spaniards.
Peruvian Tres Leches
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Peru’s celebrated cuisine is not only about famous chefs, outstanding meat and fish dishes or the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, but as well about the often-forgotten sweet little temptations.
Pisco - Peru's famous grape brandy used to make Pisco Sour
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Pisco is Peru's national drink and the pride and joy of every Peruvian.
Peruvian ceviche - Peru's National Dish
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Ceviche, also spelled Cebiche, is not only one of the most popular dishes in Peru and the pride and joy of all Peruvians, but as well the Peruvian National Dish with its very own National Day. A refreshing and light must-eat full of Peruvian flavor!
Picarones - Peruvian sweet potato and squash fritters with a sweet, flavorful syrup
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Picarones are one of these Peruvian goodies that once tried there’s no way back. The deep fried picarones drizzled with a sweet and flavorful syrup are not only on the list of Peruvian “must eats”, but also absolutely delicious and addicting.
Papas a la Huancaina – Peruvian potatoes with a spicy cheese sauce might be simple, but taste heavenly
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It hardly gets any more Peruvian on the dining table than enjoying the simplicity and fresh local flavors of Papas a la Huancaina.
Salsa Huancaina is a delicious and extremely versatile spicy cheese sauce with an inimitable Peruvian flavor
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Peruvians love salsas, sauces and dips. They are a must on every dining table and complement, enhance or vary the unique flavors of local dishes. One of the most popular sauces in Peru that reflect the soul of the Peruvian cuisine is Salsa Huancaina.
Aji Amarillo, the Peruvian yellow chili pepper with its distinctive taste, is a key ingredient of the Peruvian cuisine
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For over 7000 years, Ajis, Peruvian chili peppers, are cultivated in the country and today are an essential part of the local cuisine. From the around 300 varieties of chili peppers grown in Peru, the Aji Amarillo surely is one of the most commonly used and probably even the most important ingredient in Peruvian cooking.
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