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Peru is a very diverse country with a rich culture that reflects literally in all aspects of life. As a travel destination the possibilities are endless when you take the time to not only focus on the well-known main attractions and consider discovering the country and the people. Peru Telegraph is much more than a news portal and our aim is to provide important information also for the traveler, visitor and resident to make your stay much easier, safer and enjoyable. The Peru Information section will help you find well researched guidelines, advice and basic knowledge. We love to share our ample experience of the country to help you with the daily difficulties you might encounter...

Peruvian Visa Types

Peruvian Tourist Visa

When planning a trip to Peru sooner or later bureaucratic and visa related matters come to mind. As finding detailed and up to date information on this topic can be challenging, we put together comprehensive infos and advice on all…

Legal Stuff in Peru

Marrying in Peru

You are planning to marry in Peru? First of all, “Congratulations”! Tying the knot in Peru is a simple and easy process, at least if you have a general understanding about the process and, in case a foreigner is involved, have all the…

The History of Peru

The History of the Peruvian National Flag

The red and white colors of the Peruvian flag were an inspiration of General José de San Martín. There are various theories and interpretations about its composition.

Public Holidays & Festivities

All Saints’ Day and Day of the Dead in Peru

As so many other religious festivities in the country the celebration of All Saints’ Day (Día de Todos los Santos Vivos) and All Souls’ Day (Day of the Dead - Día de los Difuntos) is a mixture of Christians elements brought to Peru by the…

Business & Investment

Peruvian Money

International Schools in Peru

International Schools in Peru

Public schools in Peru have an extremely bad reputation; and deservedly so. Unfortunately, quite often school buildings are in bad shape, classes are big, teachers underpaid and unmotivated while the educational standard is on an extremely…

Top Universities in Peru

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The Peruvian National Anthem

Peru declared its independence in 1821 and the General José de San Martín began a contest to select a National March. At the end a composition of Master José Bernardo Alcedo was selected.