Permit to sign contracts (PEFC- Permiso especial para firmar contratos) in Peru

Tourists need a special authorization to sign legally binding documents


Foreign visitors, who entered Peru on a tourist visa and who need to sign legally binding documents before private and public entities (work contract, sworn statements for example for changing the immigration status, rental contract, car purchase, marriage license, apartment purchase, ….) have to apply for a special permit called “Permiso especial para firmar contratos (PEFC)” at the Peruvian immigration office Migraciones.

While for years this had to be done in person at any Migraciones office in Peru, in January 2018 the application process was simplified and now can be easily done online. Be aware that the permit can only be applied for when on a valid tourist visa in the country.

To apply for the permit, first pay the fee of S/ 16 for the Migraciones administrative procedure F-4 under code 01814 at any Banco de la Nacion branch or on pagalo.pe.

You can find detailed explanations about how to pay, what you have to do and be aware of, how to register on the online payment platform and how to find the correct fee you have to pay, in our article "Paying administration charges and processing fees in Peru".

Then enter the Migraciones website under “Permiso Especial para Firmar Contratos – PEFC” and click on “Generar Permiso”. On the next page fill in the form. Make sure to enter your personal data exactly as in your passport. Be prepared that this might cause some inconsistencies, especially for married women that choose to take her husband's surname.

While in North America and Europe you have your father's or mother’s surname or both or even your husband's / wife's surname, in Peru the surname of a person is composed of the apellido paterno (surname of the father) and the apellido materno (surname of the mother); married women in Peru only add a "de and husband’s surname" to their double surname.

Even though not really correct, don’t enter your father’s and mother’s surname in the spaces on the form for the apellido paterno and apellido materno, but your surname(s) as in your passport! If you have one surname write it in the apellido paterno space and leave the apellido materno space empty, if you have two surnames, write the first one under apellido paterno and the second under apellido materno, even though these might noy be your father’s and mother’s names.

Before you, already numerous people (me included) argued with Peruvian authorities about these discrepancies without success. If the name(s) on the form don’t match the name(s) in your passport the only result is a rejection of your application.

Then follow the steps as indicated (have the receipt from the bank on hand as you have to enter some data from it) and you are ready. Keep the administration procedure number (tramite no.) and date of application safe.

The special permit to sign contracts is valid for a maximum of 30 days. While you won’t get a stamp in your passport as before anymore, the validity of the permit can be checked on above mentioned website under “Consultar Permiso”.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Aaron Dominey · 2 years ago
    Hello, do you know if this PEFC is necessary with my visa de negocios? I have entered my information online and I continue getting an error that says my "account is not valid for this transaction". Thanks for any help.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • PeruTelegaph
      · 2 years ago
      Hello Aaron, as you have a business visa the "PEFC" is NOT necessary. Only if you are in Peru on a tourist visa and need to sign legal documents you need to apply for the permit to sign contracts...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Avery · 2 years ago
    Please Help - Issue with Receipt Info

    Hello! This article was extremely helpful, and it got me very close to getting a tramite number (I think!). I got stuck on the Migraciones page where I have to enter the payment receipt's data. First, I paid online at pagalo.pe. With that information, I entered the obvious numbers first and no success. Then, I eventually entered other relevant-looking numbers I have on my "Constancia de pago de tasas" and the "Ticket de pago" that I received by email in MANY combinations. It continues to show "ERROR: NO EXISTE INFORMACION DEL RECIBO CONSULTADO." I even entered another date that was shown on one of the receipts (a system error?) with multiple combinations of numbers. Did you encounter this? Any help or advice would be awesome. I need this permit to sign contracts ASAP. I thought this would be quick and easy! :(
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • PeruTelegaph
      · 2 years ago
      Hello, I feel with you, so frustrating. I'm not sure what went wrong and why the Migraciones website wouldn't accept the confirmation number. But we received quite a few reports that after usual business hours the system doesn't work properly and sometimes doesn't accept the bank information. It could be as well that for whatever reason the link between the Migraciones website and the Banco de la Nacion database was broken temporarily. The online payment system is still only a few months old and errors nothing uncommon. Maybe try again later, best during banking hours. Good luck and all the best. Eva