The History of Peru

Peruvian history presents a fascinating example of cultural transfer, cultural clashes, and cultural transformations. In 1532 the western European culture of Spain collided with one of the most sophisticated and highly developed cultures of America: the culture of the Incas. Unlike their brothers in the endless plains of North America, the Incas survived the brutal impact of the Spanish conquest and colonization, and Peru became the cradle of a new mestizo race and culture. Spanish greed and Spanish idealism clashed in colonial Peru with the Incas stubborn need to survive and to preserve their cultural identity. After three centuries of struggle, the result was the birth of a nation that was neither Spanish nor Indian but a unique mixture of the two.

Before your eyes the history of Peru reveals the long and painful process by which two great cultures challenged each other and finally produced a new cycle in the cultural evolution. Imperial Spain and the Incan empire have long since disappeared, but modern Peru (child of the two) today stands confident on the threshold of the future.

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Collection of old Peru Documentaries (1936 to 1949)
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We managed to get our hands on a few beautiful rare documentaries and amateur films about Peru, its people, key cities, selected sites of archaeological importance and customs. The selected material is dated between 1936 and 1949. As you can imagine the film equipment in some of the earlier pieces was very basic and the quality is accordingly. Still...
History of Peruvian Archaeology
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The story of the origins and development of Peruvian archaeology begins with the earliest Spanish contact in 1524, and continues through the Colonial and Independence periods, leading at the close of the Early Republican period in 1900 to the emergence of the discipline of archaeology. It is to these three periods of time, spanning approximately 400 years, that we...
The colorful Fabrics and Textiles of Peru
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Europe’s first knowledge of Peruvian textiles was acquired following the Spanish invasion of Peru in 1532, when the conquistadores included a few fabrics in shipments of gold and silver they sent back to Spain.
Early People, Cultures, and Civilizations in Peru
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The earliest people to inhabit what we now call Peru probably arrived in the Andes about 13,000 B.C. These people were hunters and gatherers. On the coast they fished and collected shellfish.
The Incas in the southern highlands of Peru
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In the thirteenth century the Incas were one of several small tribes living in the region of the present-day Peruvian city of Cuzco.
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