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Newspapers in Peru

Peruvian Newspapers

An overview of daily newspapers in Peru

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With the ever-increasing trend to deliver news online, the good old newspaper, printed on paper, which provided readers with the latest local, national and international news for centuries, seems to be on the way out. Around the globe newspaper publishers and other print media adapted to changes in technology and reader’s demands and today offer news stories and other information seemingly every second online.

While in Peru the major printed newspapers all have online editions as well where readers find the latest news or can flick through a digital version of the latest edition free of charge, buying a “physical” newspaper for a few Soles at the little bodega around the corner, at one of the numerous kiosks or from vendors at intersections is still highly popular.

And the choice is wide ranging from well-respected and reputable broadsheets which provide readers with a comprehensive coverage of national and international daily news to countless tabloids full of sensational stories, famous people, big headlines and lots of photos.

To give you an overview, find below a selection of Peruvian newspapers which are distributed across the country.

El Peruano – Peru’s official newspaper

El Peruano is the official daily newspaper of Peru. Founded by Simón Bolivar in October 1825 El Peruano is the oldest newspaper in Latin America. It underwent various changes and was renamed a few times over the past nearly 200 years, but till today is published by a state enterprise.

From its beginnings until today all new laws, resolutions, legal norms, official announcements, notices and documents relating to the civil service have to be published in El Peruano which as well can be found next to other political and business news on the El Peruano website.

El Comercio – Peru’s most respected newspaper

Founded in 1839 El Comercio is not only Peru's oldest independent newspaper, but also the most respected and most influential. It’s conservative in its editorial outlook and oriented toward business, but overall an informed and balanced general newspaper.

El Comercio offers its readers a widespread spectrum of information regarding general news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, travel and international news. The Sunday edition has additionally different inserts and is popular for its huge classified section (jobs, real estate market, cars).

Readers can as well stay on top of what’s going on in Peru on the El Comercio website; the classified are not part of this site and can be found as Urbania for real estate and rentals, NeoAuto for cars amd Aptitus for jobs)

Gestión – Peru’s business newspaper

Founded in 1990 and published by the El Comercio media group, the Gestión is the most important and respected daily business newspaper covering economic- and business-related topics. Other sections include finances, politics and stock exchange information.

Gestión online

Peru 21 - One of Peru's leading newspapers

Published as well by the same media group as El Comercio, Peru 21 launched its first edition in 2002. Due to its reasonable price, modern design and fresher approach in conveying news and information in the areas of politics, society matters, culture, entertainment and sports it soon became one of the leading newspapers in Peru.

Peru 21 online

La República - Center-left newspaper in Peru

Founded in 1981 La Republica is one of Peru's main national dailies. The center-left newspaper which was a staunch opponent of the government of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990 – 200), is well known for its unvarnished and forthright revelations which caused the downfall of the one or the other politician.

La República online

Correo - Respected Peruvian newspaper

The Correo was founded in 1962 and is very popular in Peru as it not only has a Lima edition but also regional editions in the provinces. Although the publisher prints numerous yellow press papers, the Correo is a respected daily covering news on politics, economy, business, sports, culture and entertainment.

Correo online

Expreso - Liberal newspaper in Peru

Founded in 1961 Expreso is the second oldest independent Peruvian daily. The Expreso has a strong liberal position with respect to politics, economics and business, though a conservative approach regarding the essence of human capital.

Expreso online

Publimetro – Free newspaper

Known in many countries around the world as Metro, the largest free global newspaper found its way to Peru in 2011 and is published under the name Publimetro.

Publimetro offers concise info about the most important local and international news, economics, lifestyle and entertainment. In Lima the daily is mainly distributed in the morning at intersections and high traffic commuter zones.

Publimetro online

El Bocón – Peru’s sports newspaper

El Bocón, published since 1994, is probably the most popular Peruvian sports newspapers. It features national and international football, motor sports, volleyball, basketball, surfing, boxing and other sports.

El Bocón online

Trome – Peru’s popular yet family-friendly tabloid

First published in 2001 by the El Comercio media group Trome developed into Peru’s most read newspaper over the past years making the tabloid the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the world.

Targeting low-income and emerging middle-class readers, Trome offers articles and photos that for a tabloid are quite conservative and tame covering next to local news in the area of politics, economics and sports as well family-oriented information and entertainment.
Trome online

Trome online