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Free Trade Agreement between Peru and India
On his visit to the US a few weeks ago, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski summarized Peru’s policies regarding the dealing and cooperation with other countries quite nicely: he prefers bridges to walls.
Over 4 million foreign visitors expected in Peru in 2017
According to the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) Peru will attract more than 4 million foreign visitors this year, even surpassing the 2016 record of 3.75 million tourists.
The Top 20 Peruvian Brands 2017
While expats and the rich and beautiful increasingly opt for international brands, the average Peruvian still prefers to use and buy local.
Alibaba’s logistic company Cainiao signs agreement with Correos del Peru
Cainiao, the logistics company launched by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in 2013, has signed a memorandum with Correos del Peru to create the largest logistic network in South America.
Peruvian exports increase by 7% in 2016
ADEX, the Peruvian Exporters Association, informed in their latest press release that Peruvian exports increased by 7% in 2016 compared to the year before totaling US$ 36,054 million.
Peru scores low at the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017
Even though the Peruvian economy shows an upward trend for the past years with excellent growth rates that make many other countries envious, sadly, once again Peru scores low in yet another international comparison when looking at the human capital. The newest Global Talent Competitiveness Index...
Peru second largest copper producer in the world
According to the newest numbers of the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mining, 2.15 million metric tons of fine copper were mined in Peru between January and November 2016. This represents an increase of 42% compared to the same period of 2015 making Peru the second largest copper producer in the...
Peru’s President announced important economic undertakings for 2017
Yesterday Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) took stock of his first five months in office and announced some important economic undertakings planned for 2017. The 77-year old Head of State promised as well to make good on his electoral promises.
The 6 main goals of the Peruvian government until 2021
During his first speech as Peruvian president four month ago, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) announced that he “wants a social revolution for his country”. But the big questions is what actually includes a social revolution and how can it be achieved? The goals of the Peruvian government were drawn ...
Peruvian steelmaker forced to shut down plant in Arequipa for good
Already in July 2016 the Peruvian steelmaker Acero Arequipa temporarily closed its production plant in Arequipa suspending 120 workers due to not being able to compete with cheap Chinese imports. The plan was to reopen the plant as soon the market climate and economic conditions improve. Now howe...
47 results - showing 31 - 40
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