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Famous travel destinations, sights and historical sites worth visiting in Peru.
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The ancient city of Kuelap in northern Peru is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the country
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While most visitors coming to Peru choose to take the classic travel route covering the southern and south-eastern part of the country including the Nazca lines, Arequipa / Colca Valley, Puno / Lake Titicaca and Cusco / Machu Picchu / Sacred Valley, northern and north-eastern Peru is sadly often skipped.
The Larco Museum in Lima is a must visit when in town
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Housed in a lovely restored 18th century viceroyalty-era mansion that was built over a 7th century pre-Colombian pyramid and surrounded by the most beautiful and tranquil gardens, the Larco Museum in Lima is a true jewel in the city’s museum scene.
Salt Ponds of Maras - a magical place in the Sacred Valley in Peru; photo: Jespa
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Peru has so many interesting and amazing sights spread across the country that the little treasures which still represent the beauty, ancient history and old traditions of Peru like no other often have a hard time standing up to the famous and popular tourist attractions. One of these small hidden gems are the Salt Ponds of Maras. ...
Huacachina near Ica Peru is the hotspot for dune buggy driving and sand boarding
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Scenically Peru seems to have it all: an ocean on the doorstep, beaches with palm trees, an impressive mountain range with deep valleys and high plains, a jungle with lush vegetation, and an extremely dry desert with its very own oasis.
Traveling to Peru on a budget
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Until 10 or 15 years ago, Peru was an absolute insider tip and travelling on a low budget even to the most famous tourist destinations the country has to offer, was easy and doable without a problem. With the increasing popularity of Peru over the past years however came a better infrastructure, more professionalism, wider choices and more people...
Real Felipe Fort in Callao, Peru
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Peru is an extremely diverse country with breathtaking sceneries and spectacular archaeological sites left to us by numerous different ancient cultures inhabiting the country for thousands of years. But also the more recent history like the Peruvian colonial and republican past bequeathed some truly amazing legacies. One of these is the Fortress Real Felipe in Callao, built 250 years...
The archaeological city of Chan Chan in northern Peru
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Long before the famous Incas numerous other, very different cultures populated Peru and left us beautiful artifacts and amazing constructions. These are scattered all over the country and unfortunately, due to the popularity and breathtaking beauty of Machu Picchu, visited by nearly everyone that comes to Peru, often forgotten. One of these amazing cultures were the Chimú which emerged...
Caral – The Sacred City in Peru
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Neither explores nor tomb raiders could find anything of real value after the discovery of an ancient settlement in the early 20th century; no gold, no silver, no ceramics, no weapons or other archaeological treasures. So for nearly 100 years a huge archaeological complex sat nearly forgotten and completely unnoticed on a desert plateau overlooking the valley of the...
Manu National Park in Peru
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The Manu National Park in Peru is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful natural areas in the world. Because of its sheer size, its different vegetation zones and its protective remoteness, a unique, almost untouched ecosystem could survive until today. Manu not only provides a living space for an immeasurable diversity of plant and animal species, but also...
19 results - showing 11 - 19
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