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Official public holidays & festivities in Peru

Official public holidays & festivities in Peru

(2018 to 2020)

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Peru’s official non-working public holidays include internationally celebrated days such as New Year, Easter and Christmas, church festivals in honor of Christian saints such as All Saints Day or Saint Rose Day, a day honoring the brave men of Peru’s military that fought in the Battle of Angamos (War of the Pacific in 1879) and of course Peru’s "Fiestas Patrias", a two day celebration for the country’s independence from Spain.

Table with public holidays & festivities in Peru (EN / ES)
Holiday - English Festivo - Spanish Date/Dates
New Year’s Day Año Nuevo 01 January
Holy Thursday Jueves Santo 18 April 2019
09 April 2020
01 April 2021
Good Friday Viernes Santo 19 April 2019
10 April 2020
02 April 2021
Easter Sunday Pascua 21 April 2019
12 April 2020
04 April 2021
Labor Day Dia del Trabajo 01 May
St. Peter & Paul Dia de San Pedro y San Pablo 29 June
Peru’s Independence Day Fiestas Patrias 28 to 29 July
Saint Rose of Lima Dia de Santa Rosa de Lima 30 August
Battle of Angamos Combate de Angamos 08 October
All Saints Day Dia de Todos los Santos 01 November
Immaculate Conception Dia de la Immaculada Concepcion 08 December
Christmas Day Navidad 25 December

On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Peruvians employees usually only work half a day.

Furthermore, it is quite common in the public and private sector to have a "puente" (bridging day) if a public holiday is on a Thursday or Tuesday; meaning government agencies, offices, banks and lots of companies are closed on the Friday after / the Monday before the holiday and employees have off.

But no matter if it’s a public holiday, banking holiday, bridging day or weekend most supermarkets, fruit and veggie markets, the little bodega around the corner, restaurants, tourist attractions and other shops are open (some might have shorter opening hours especially on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and during Fiestas Patrias).

Additionally to above mentioned official public holidays valid throughout Peru, there are numerous other local feast days, festivals and celebrations in different Peruvian regions and cities that have sort of "public holiday" character only there or that just offer a good “excuse” to come together, celebrate, dance, have great Peruvian food and enjoy. Furthermore Peru has numerous "Días nacionales" (national days) or "Días de ..." (special days) on which the country honors or celebrates important events of the past, its culture, food or natural resources.

 JAN  Festivities in Peru in January:

New Year's Eve traditions and celebrations and New Year in Peru
Event Date:: 01 January
Just like in many other countries around the globe, the New Year’s Day is a public holiday in Peru and celebrated on January 1. Festivities to welcome the New...
Three Wise Men celebrations or the Bajada de los Reyes in Ollantaytambo in the Sacred valley near Cusco; photo: Wayqui
Event Date:: 06 January
Every year on January 6 Peruvians, just as many other Christians, commemorate the arrival of the Three Wise Men or Three Kings at Jesus’ manger bearing gifts of gold,...
Anniversary of Lima - The city celebrates its birthday on January 18, the day the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro founded the colonial city in 1535
Event Date:: 18 January
Even though people had been living in the area for thousands of years and developed the countryside into a green oasis with extensive fields and fruit plantations, Lima celebrates...
Celebrations of the Virgen of Chiquinquira in Caraz, Huaylas near Huaraz in Ancash, Peru
Event Date:: 20 January
Each January 20 the small town of Caraz, Huaylas near Huaraz in Ancash celebrates the town’s patron saint, the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, a title for the Virgin Mary in...
Marinera Dance Festival, Trujillo

 FEB  Festivities in Peru in February:

Carnival celebrations in Lima, Peru; photo: Nicolas Roberth Nichifor
Event Date:: All February
Throughout the month of February carnival is celebrated in Peru – a time full of fun, festivities, parades, balloon wars, merged together native and catholic traditions, food, music and...
Festival de la Candelaria – Carnival in Puno (Photo: El Comercio)
Event Date:: Beginning of February
Often referred to as the folkloric capital of Peru, Puno hosts the largest cultural festival with parades, music and dance performances, traditional costumes and lots of other activities each...
Pisco Sour Day - Dia Nacional del Pisco Sour
Event Date:: First Saturday in February
Since 2003 Peru's National Drink, the Pisco Sour, has its own day of celebrations. Each year on the first Saturday in February, the country pays homage to its most...
Valentine's Day in Peru; photo: USA Today
Event Date:: 14 February
Just like in numerous countries around the globe, on February 14 Peru celebrates Valentine’s Day, the day of love, romance and passion.
The Afro-Peruvian Summer Festival (Festival del Verano Negro) in Chincha celebrates Afro-Peruvian culture
Event Date:: usually around mid-February
Chincha - and here especially the district of El Carmen – in the southern Ica region of Peru can be considered as the capital of African culture in the...

 MAR  Festivities in Peru in March:

Grape Harvest Festival in Peru - Festival de la Vendimia; photo: andina
Event Date:: March
Since the Spanish conquerors brought the first grapevines to Peru, which prospered due to favorable climate along the southern coast, a significant wine industry developed in the region. Today...
San José Festival in the northern beach town of Las Delicias near Trujillo; photo: iPeru
Event Date:: 19 March
Each year around March 19, the small beach town of Las Delicias located about 9 km (5.5 miles) south of the city of Trujillo celebrates the Feria de San...
Peru celebrages its craftsmen on the Peruvian Artisan Day; photo: Marca Peru
Event Date:: 19 March
March 19 is Saint Joseph’s Day, the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, who is believed to have been a carpenter or craftsman in wood or even metal. In...

 APR  Festivities in Peru in April:

Easter celebrations in Peru are a quite traditional affair with some ancient customs mixed; here the procession of El Señor de los Temblores in Cusco on Holy Monday; photo: Andina
Event Date:: end of March / beginning of April
Around the globe the celebration of Easter, so the commemoration of Jesus’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection from the dead, is the most important festivity in the yearly calendar for...
Marinera dance performance with Peruvian Paso Horse; photo: Marca Peru
Event Date:: mid- to late-April
Each year around mid- to late-April the National Association of Breeders and Owners of Peruvian Paso Horses (ANCPCPP) organizes the Concurso Nacional Oficial del Caballo Peruano de Paso (National...

 MAY  Festivities in Peru in May:

Labor Day – Dia de los Trabajadores - Peru - 1st of May
Event Date:: 01 May
As in many countries around the globe, Peru commemorates the labor movement and the achievement of workers’ rights on May 1.
Virgen de Chapi in Arequipa, Peru
Event Date:: 01 May
Each year between April 29 and May 2 Arequipa celebrates its patron saint, the Virgin of Chapi with the largest religious festivity in the area. About 250,000 worshippers from...
Festival of the Crosses – Fiesta de las Cruces in Peru
Event Date:: 03 May
The Festival of the Crosses, also known as Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses Festival), was introduced to Peru by the Spaniards and is celebrated in Peru mostly in towns...
Alasitas Fair - Festival of the Crosses in Puno
Event Date:: Beginning of May
In Puno the Festival of the Crosses and the Alasitas Fair are inseparably linked. While the main day is May 3 for both events, the fair, which has its...
Mother’s Day in Peru - celebrated on the Second Sunday in May
Event Date:: Second Sunday in May
Mother’s Day in Peru is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. More than 90% of Peruvians celebrate Mother’s Day; and they are extremely enthusiastic about honoring and praising...
Lord of Torrechayoc - Señor de Torrechayoc in Urubamba, Cusco
Event Date:: Around mid-May
Usually in mid-May the people of Urubamba in the Sacred Valley near Cusco celebrate a 2-day festival in honor of their patron saint Señor de Torrechayoc.
On Peruvian Clown Day Peru celebrates its clowns and other circus artists while honoring José Alvarez Vélez, better known as Tony Perejil or the Clown of the Poor
Event Date:: 25 May
Each year on May 25 Peru celebrates the Peruvian Clown Day in honor of José Alvarez Vélez, better known as Tony Perejil, a popular clown who died on that...
Peru celebrates the diversity of its native languages and cultural traditions on the Day of the Native Languages
Event Date:: 27 May
Already since 1975 each year on May 27 Peru, a megadiverse country that unites multiple peoples and indigenous tribes, cultural traditions and languages within its borders, proudly celebrates the...
Peru’s National Potato Day – Dia Nacional de la Papa
Event Date:: 30 May
On May 30 is National Potato Day in Peru – the day each year to pay homage and celebrate one of the most important food crops in the world...

 JUN  Festivities in Peru in June:

The Festival Señor de Choquekillka in Ollantaytambo (Pentecost festivities) is a great example of the merging of Catholic traditions and beliefs with ancient Andean customs and rituals
Event Date:: May / June – 50th day after Easter
Christians around the globe commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus on the 50th day after Easter during the Pentecost celebrations. In Peru the...
Qoyllur Rit'i - Snow Star Festival, Sinakara Valley Cusco region
Event Date:: May / June - during full moon prior to Corpus Christi
Held each year during the full moon before Corpus Christi (May / June), the Qoyllur Rit'i is the largest pilgrimage in the Andean region taking tens of thousands participating...
Corpus Christi in Cusco
Event Date:: May / June
Around the globe the Christian community celebrates Corpus Christi, so the Eucharist being the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, 9 weeks after Easter. While...
On June 7 each year Peru celebrates Flag Day in honor of the brave men who fought in the Battle of Arica in 1880 during the War of the Pacific against Chile
Event Date:: 07 June
On June 7 each year Peru celebrates its National Flag Day honoring the brave men that tried to protect Peruvian territory and the Peruvian flag on that day in...
Traditional rebuilding of the Q’eswachaka Bridge
Event Date:: First half of June
In the first half of June members of four Quechua communities high in the Peruvian Andes about 180 km (110 miles) from Cusco come together to ceremonially cut the...
Day of the Andean Song – Día de la Canción Andina
Event Date:: 15 June
Since 2006 Peru pays homage to Andean music by celebrating the Día de la Canción Andina, the Day of Andean Song each year on June 15.
Sondor Raymi in Andahuaylas, Apurimac
Event Date:: around 18 or 19 June
Also known as Festival del Sol de Chanka (Chanka Sun Festival) or the Chanka Epic, the Sondor Raymi Festival in Andahuaylas in the region of Apurimac is an reenactment...
Inti Raymi in Cusco - The Inca Festival of the Sun (Picture peru.travel)
Event Date:: 24 June
Each year on June 24, a few days after the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere, the largest and most important festival of the Inca Empire, the Inti Raymi...
National Ceviche Day in Peru - the country celebrates its most famous dish
Event Date:: 28 June
A large part of Peru’s heritage and national identity is reflected in the countries diverse cuisine. So it’s no wonder that Ceviche, also spelled Cebiche, which is considered Peru’s...
San Pedrito festival in Chimbote, Peru; photo: andina
Event Date:: 29 June
Christians around the globe celebrate St. Peter and St. Paul’s day on June 29. In Peru this day is a public holiday on which mainly the faithful in coastal...

 JUL  Festivities in Peru in July:

Feast of the Virgin del Carmen - Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen
Event Date:: 16 July
Festivals in honor of the Virgen del Carmen are celebrated in various regions in Peru on or around July 16. The festivities include processions, street parades with traditional and...
Peru’s Rotisserie Chicken Day - Dia del Pollo a la Brasa
Event Date:: Third Sunday of July
Every year on the third Sunday of July Peruvians celebrate one of their beloved and most consumed dishes: Pollo a la Brasa.
National Pisco Day in Peru - Dia Nacional del Pisco
Event Date:: 4th Sunday of July
Since 1999, Pisco, Peru's national drink and the pride and joy of every Peruvian, has its very own day of celebrations.
Peru Fiestas  Patrias - The celebration of Peru's Independence Day
Event Date:: 28 to 29 of July
Fiestas Patrias, Peru’s National Holidays, are probably the most important and most enthusiastically celebrated event of the year in Peru.

 AUG  Festivities in Peru in August:

A herd of alpacas in their natural environment
Event Date:: 01 August
On the 1st of August, Peru and here especially the southern highland regions of the country celebrate National Alpaca Day focusing on the small, fluffy camelid, honoring the challenging...
Day of Pachamama - Typical way of "preparing" the offerings...
Event Date:: 01 August
In Peru, and here especially in the Andean highlands, August 1 (and actually the entire month of August) is dedicated to Pachamama, next to the sun god Inti probably...
Cross of Chalpon - Cruz de Chalpon
Event Date:: 05 August
Each year around August 5, the citizens of Motupe, a small town about 80 km (50 miles) north of Chiclayo in the Lambayeque region, and worshippers from across the...
Anniversary of Arequipa
Event Date:: 15 August
Founded by the Spaniard Garcí Manuel de Carbajal on August 15 in 1540, Arequipa celebrates its anniversary each year enthusiastically with festivities throughout the month of August. ...
Peruvian Coffee Day - Día del Café Peruano; photo: Marca Peru
Event Date:: 4th Friday of August
As so many other national products, coffee has its own day of celebration in Peru. Since 2008 the last Friday of August is dedicated to Peruvian coffee and promoted...
Santa Rosa de Lima procession - Picture Andina
Event Date:: 30 August
Already in the 17th century Pope Clemente X designated August 30 to Saint Rose of Lima, the patron saint of Lima, Peru, the Americas and the Philippines. And to...

 SEP  Festivities in Peru in September:

Mistura, held yearly in Lima, is the largest and most important gastronomic festival in South America
Event Date:: September
Since 2008, each year usually in September the largest and most important food festival in Latin America, the Mistura, is held in Lima.
On the  Day of the Peruvian Cuisine and Gastronomy Peru celebrates its culinary treasures and the diverse facets of the Peruvian cuisine
Event Date:: 2nd Sunday of September
Each year on the second Sunday in September Peruvians celebrate the Dia de la Cocina y Gastronomia Peruana (Day of the Peruvian cuisine and gastronomy) recognizing the importance and...

 OCT  Festivities in Peru in October:

Limeños pay homage to the Lord of Miracles
Event Date:: Throughout October
It’s October and this means Limeños pay homage to their most venerated religious figure: El Señor de los Milagros or also known as Cristo de Pachacamilla.
Nacional Cuy Day
National Marinera Day
Battle of Angamos
Day of the Creole Song - Dia de la Cancion Criolla

 NOV  Festivities in Peru in November:

Each year in November the famous Lord of the Miracles Bullfight Festival is held in Lima
Event Date:: Sundays in November
November is the time of the year in Lima that many await and lots despise: the Feria Taurina del Señor de los Milagros, the largest bullfight festival in Peru,...
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