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Approval ratings of Peru’s President PPK up
After months of declining approval ratings managing the emergency response efforts in regard to the extreme rains, floods and landslides that hit the country for weeks have paid off for the Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and his ministers.
Citizens of India can travel visa free to Peru
On Monday, March 6, 2017 the Supreme Decree 006-2017-RE was published in the official Peruvian gazette El Peruano which allows some Indian citizens to travel visa free to Peru for touristic and recreational as well as business related purposes.
Medical marijuana legal in Peru soon?
For years Peru, one of the leading coca growers and among the top cocaine producers in the world, waged a fierce war on all drugs and illegal substances. It is all the more surprising that now there seems to be a rethinking, at least concerning cannabis.
Odebrecht - a huge corruption scandal shakes Peru and Latin America
For months the Brazilian company Odebrecht involved in a huge corruption scandal spanning throughout Latin America makes the daily headlines in Peru. But who is Odebrecht? What’s going on? And how does this affect Peru?
Peruvian Minister of Finance and Economy best minster in Latin America
Renowned Latin America business magazine América Economía acknowledges in its annual ranking the Peruvian Minister of Economy and Finance, Alfredo Thorne, as the best minister of Latin America in his area.
PPK’s approval ratings in free fall
The popularity of president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) continuous to decline. Less than half a year after taking office the approval ratings of the Peruvian Head of State dropped from over 70% to only 37,2% in January according to the newest survey from CPI, the Peruvian market research and opin...
Bribery declared criminal offence in Peru
For years it has been common practice in Peru to straighten out minor traffic violations, all sorts of other offences or even more serious crimes with paying the police officer in charge either the right amount of money, presenting an appropriate gift or offering any other suitable benefit.
The most liked and disliked Peruvian public figures 2016
A recent survey conducted by El Comercio, Peru’s most influential daily newspaper, in collaboration with Ipsos, an independent leading marketing and research company, revealed which 10 Peruvian public figures are seen in a positive light and which 10 negatively.
Marilú Martens new Peruvian Education Minister
Later this afternoon the educator Marilú Martens is sworn in as new Peruvian Education Minister replacing the economist Jaime Saavedra.
Majority doesn’t support PPK anymore
While Peru’s president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) is jetting from one meeting to the next trying to encourage investments, improve the infrastructure, reform the health and education sector, fight corruption, deepen existing relations and establish new ones, his approval ratings however decline ...
36 results - showing 21 - 30
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