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Mistura 2018, Peru's largest food fair, returns to the Costa Verde in Lima's district Magdalena del Mar
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower April 30, 2018 7250   0   1   0   0  
After last year’s debacle when Mistura was moved from its traditional location at the Costa Verde to a new venue in Rimac and postponed over two months just weeks before Peru’s largest food fair was supposed to start, it seemed that this year everything would return to normal.
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower October 20, 2018 119   0   1   0   0  
When it comes to vodka most of us surely think first of Poland or Russia, the birthplace of this spirit. But slowly and surely a small distillery in Peru makes a name for itself as one of the top vodka producers in the world.
10 Peruvian restaurants among “Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017”
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower October 31, 2017 661   0   1   0   0  
Last week “The World’s 50 Best” in collaboration with S. Pellegrino once again revealed Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 at a grand ceremony in Bogota, Colombia. And not only the best restaurant in the region is located in Lima, but another 9 gourmet temples in the Peruvian capital are among the 50 best restaurants.
Mistura's Gran Mercado, the Great Market, is this year once again the heart of South America's largest food festival
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower September 08, 2017 319   0   1   0   0  
The organization of the Mistura 2017, South America’s largest gastronomic fair, was quite chaotic so far. But now with a new location and a new date it seems everything is on track again and the first more concrete details are announced.
Mistura 2017 postponed till the end of October
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower August 02, 2017 740   0   1   0   0  
Today the Peruvian Gastronomy Society, Apega, announced that the Mistura 2017 not only has a new location as we reported in our article “Mistura 2017 moves to Rimac”, but will be postponed until the end of October.
New location for the Mistura 2017 is the Club Revolver in Lima's district Rimac
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower July 22, 2017 596   0   1   0   0  
Since March we know that the 10th edition of Mistura won’t be held at its former location in Lima’s Magdalena del Mar, but moves further north to Callao. Yesterday however Apega, organizer of the event, surprisingly announced another change of location for this year’s gastronomic fair.
Mistura 2017, South America's largest food festival in Lima, Peru kicks off in 2 months and we are eagerly awaiting detailed infos
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower July 08, 2017 930   0   1   0   0  
Mistura, South America’s largest and most important gastronomic fair in Lima, is just 2 months away and until now only a few basic details have been released and this back in March.
The best 12 restaurants in Lima, Peru as recommended by CNN TRavel; photo: bloomberg
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower July 04, 2017 610   0   1   0   0  
For years largely unnoticed by food enthusiasts, Lima, the Peruvian capital, developed into one of the great gastronomic capitals of the world over the past decade that by now can easily compete with old-established gourmet cities such as New York, Paris, Rome and Tokyo.
Invita Peru Gastronomic Fair celebrates Peru's national holidays with food, culture, fun and entertainment
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower July 02, 2017 547   0   1   0   0  


Event Date:
22 to 30 July 2017
To celebrate Fiestas Patrias, Peru’s National Holiday, the gastronomic fair Invita is back at the Parque de la Exposicion in Lima in its 7th edition.
The Cacao and Chocolate Salon is back in Lima presenting Peru finest cacao and chocolate
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower May 21, 2017 769   0   1   0   0  


Event Date:
06 to 09 July 2017
Peru has one of the best tasting and finest cacao beans and chocolates in the world. To celebrate and showcase the local variety producers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and exporters of Peruvian cocoa and products made of it come together once a year for the Cacao and Chocolate Salon since 2010.
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