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Peruvian Vodka sets out to conquer the world

14 Inkas, the world’s first vodka distilled from native potatoes, wins gold medal


When it comes to vodka most of us surely think first of Poland or Russia, the birthplace of this spirit. But slowly and surely a small distillery in Peru makes a name for itself as one of the top vodka producers in the world.

Vodka in Peru, really? Actually, that’s not so farfetched. Traditionally, vodka is made through the distillation of cereal grains or fermented potatoes; and as potatoes originate in the Andean highlands and Peru is still home to about 3000 different native potato varieties, it’s quite obvious that there is a lot of potential for producing high-quality and unique vodka in the country.

So, the micro-distillery Destileria Espiritu Andino – which at least for now is still co-financed and technically advised by the “Innóvate” program of the Peruvian Ministry of Production – set out to create a new and truly Peruvian vodka; and they succeeded.

Using organically certified native potatoes grown by small-scale farmers high in the Peruvian Andes, they came up with 14 Inkas, the world’s first vodka distilled from native potatoes; and this spirit can stand its ground against the international competition.

Already earlier this year the innovative Peruvian vodka was awarded a gold medal at the 8th New York World Wine & Spirit competition, one of the most respected judging events in the US.

Now 14 Inkas could prevail once again against competing brands and won the gold medal in the micro-distillery category of the Vodka Masters 2018. Organized annually by The Spirit Business, the only dedicated international spirits magazine and website in the world, the event rewards the finest vodka brands on the world stage.


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