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This year already in its 12th edition the Premios Summum 2019 were awarded to the best restaurants in Peru.

Best restaurants in Peru 2019

The prestigious "Premios Summum 2019" were awarded in Lima at the beginning of this week


Last Monday the “Premios Summum 2019”, the most important culinary award in Peru recognizing the best restaurants in the country, were awarded in presence of local chefs and gastronomy professionals at the Gran Teatro Nacional in Lima.

Top 20 restaurants in Peru 2019

For the third consecutive year Maido by Lima-born Peruvian Nikkei chef Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura was crowned the best restaurant in the country. Here’s the full list of the 20 best restaurants in Peru:

  1. Maido (Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores, Lima); Chef: Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura; cuisine style: Nikkei, Japanese and Peruvian Japanese. Summum says about Maido: “A passion for perfection, the painstaking care that goes into each detail, and a creative exploration of flavors are all hallmarks of Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura’s cuisine and its evolution. With his own personal style that has earned Maido a place on lists of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world and Latin America, Chef “Micha,” as he is affectionately known, continues to surprise guests and outdo his own self, all while remaining down to earth. A tireless chef, proud of his Nikkei heritage, who learned his trade in the United States and Japan before returning to Peru to do what he loves most: cook. Maido once again earns its place at the head of the Top 10, solidifying its status as a true Summum.”
  2. Rafael (Calle San Martin 300, Miraflores, Lima); Chef: Rafael Osterling; cuisine style: contemporary Peruvian. Summum says about Rafael: “Rafael Osterling’s creativity and talent can always be found in combination with one other key ingredient: freshness. This sense of novelty has helped the restaurant that bears his name (the very first one he ever opened) to evolve, always offering surprises while maintaining its unique essence and style. The menu takes us on a trip through flavors and textures inspired by different corners of the world, where boeuf bourguignon lives in harmony with Galician- or Basque-inspired recipes, carpaccio with tiradito, or fine Italian pastas with fideuá and the chef’s own take on an arroz con mariscos. An experience bearing Rafael’s unmistakable signature.”
  3. Central (Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco, Lima); Chef: Virgilio Martínez; cuisine style: contemporary Peruvian. Summum says about Central: “The food at Central never leaves guests unmoved, inviting them to experiment while exploring new flavors and ingredients, or surprising them with unusual techniques and textures in new presentations. Virgilio Martínez studies Peru’s biodiversity, rediscovering the wonders of papa nativa potatoes, aromatic herbs, algae and fruits and then interpreting their essence to create tasting menus that are sure to make an impression. The change in location (from the original site in Miraflores to the new locale in Barranco) and the chef’s constant investigation into the origins of the ingredients he sources from the coast, the highlands, and the jungle represent yet another innovative stage in Central’s history.”
  4. Osaka (Av. Felipe Pardo y Aliaga 660, San Isidro and Av. El Polo 660, Surco, Lima); cuisine style: Nikkei, Japanese and Peruvian Japanese. Summum says about Osaka: “When one thinks of Nikkei cuisine, the first thing that usually springs to mind is probably sushi or maki. These specialties stand out on Osaka’s excellent menu, but they aren’t the only stars here, sharing the spotlight with an interesting variety of hot dishes, featuring not only seafood but beef, duck, and pork. Special note should be made of Osaka’s selection of original desserts, and of course, the drink menu with its wide range of cocktails, piscos, and sakes, offering diners the perfect choice for each occasion.”
  5. Costanera 700 (Av. del Ejército 421, Miraflores, Lima); Chef: Yaquir Sato; cuisine style: Japanese and Peruvian Japanese. Summum says about Costanera 700: “The secrets behind a cebiche or tiradito of unparalleled freshness. The precise amount of time for which a fantastic stir fry must remain in the wok. The meticulous care that goes into choosing the ingredients and the mastery required to prepare the best seasoning. All of this is part of the legend and history of this restaurant, where Japan meets Peru and seafood meets criollo cooking. The talented Yaquir Sato is the author of this new chapter in the life of Costanera 700, keeping alive the spirit and the peerless cooking of his father Humberto.”
  6. Astrid & Gastón (Casa Moreyra, Av. Paz Soldán 290, San Isidro, Lima); Chef: Jorge Muñoz; cuisine style: Contemporary Peruvian. Summum says about Astrid & Gastón: “Twenty-five years ago, Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche opened a restaurant with the idea of serving French cuisine in Peru, without realizing that they would soon bring Peruvian cuisine to the world, calling attention to it and eventually cementing its lofty status. Little by little, Peruvian recipes and the country’s wealth of ingredients gained ground at the restaurant, conquering its kitchen and turning Astrid & Gastón into a true guiding light. At their location in the Casa Moreyra mansion, their creative, contemporary approach highlights our culinary traditions in every batch of seasonal offerings and each tasting menu.”
  7. Isolina – Taberno Peruana (Av. Prolongación San Martín 101, Barranco, Lima); Chef: José del Castillo; Cuisine style: creole. Summum says about Isolina: “It comes as no surprise that Isolina Taberna Peruana has been a Summum ever since it opened its doors. This well-deserved prestige stems from its exquisite stews, slow-cooked like those of yesteryear, along with delicious sandwiches, memorable chowders and soups, sauces, chili peppers, and excellent pisco-based cocktails. The generosity of its dishes, with their extraordinary seasoning prepared by the sure hand of José del Castillo, and the cozy atmosphere here have earned this Peruvian tavern a permanent place in the hearts of all who experience it.”
  8. El Mercado (Calle Hipólito Unanue 203, Miraflores, Lima); Chef: Rafael Osterling: cuisine style: sea food and ceviche. Summum says about El Mercado: ” El Mercado is Rafael Osterling’s tribute to Peruvian cuisine, as the chef himself says on the cover of the book he published featuring the restaurant’s recipes. With the style for which he is known, the chef revisits classic Peruvian seafood dishes, adding influences from around the world. Great care also goes into ensuring the perfect temperatures and cooking times, and the irreproachable quality of the ingredients used. The finishing touch comes in the form of the garnishes, the wine selection for the perfect pairing, and non-seafood dishes for those looking for something different.”
  9. Amoramar (Jr. García y García 175, Barranco, Lima); Chef: Manuel Navarro; cuisine style: contemporary Peruvian.Summum says about Amoramar: “Cebiche, quinoa, traditional seafood dishes, and a merry fusion of Peruvian cuisine with wide-ranging influences from around the world. All of this is blended and combined in the enticing menu at Amoramar. With the restaurant’s own unique style, the offerings here propose a journey through a universe of flavors without ever letting us forget that the starting point is located firmly in Peru. A perfect balance between traditional cuisine and contemporary refinement, in a casual yet seductive atmosphere.”
  10. Carnal (Calle Elías Aguirre 698, Miraflores, Lima); cuisine style: meat and BBQ. Summum says about Carnal: “Without a doubt, meat of all kinds is one of the most irresistible temptations to be found. This truth has been grasped with great insight by Carnal, ensuring it a perennial position on the first ten of Summum’s Top 20 list. Taking a somewhat different path from more traditional meat-centric restaurants, Carnal offers guests an exclusive experience in which attentive service, exquisite high-quality products, and a wine selection specially designed to complement the menu are all essential ingredients.”
  11. Fiesta Chiclayo Gourmet (Av. Reducto 1278, Miraflores, Lima)
  12. Kjolle (Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco, Lima)
  13. La Gloria (Calle Atahualpa 201, Miraflores, Lima)
  14. Cosme (Calle Tudela y Varela 162, San Isidro, Lima)
  15. ámaZ (Av. la Paz 1079, Miraflores, Lima)
  16. La Mar (Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores, Lima)
  17. Siete (Jr. Domeyer 260, Barranco, Lima)
  18. Cala (Circuito de Playas, Barranco, Lima)
  19. Cicciolina, Bodega – Tapas bar (Triunfo 393, 2nd floor, Cusco)
  20. Symposium (Calle Sta. Luisa 122, City center, Lima)

the best restaurant in Peru 2019 is Maido

Best restaurants 2019 – Peruvian regions

Next to crowning the best restaurants in Peru, which mostly are located in the Peruvian capital Lima, Summum as well recognized restaurants in six regions of Peru.

Best restaurant in the Arequipa region

Winner is La Nueva Palomino (Pasaje Leoncio Prado 122, Yanahuara, Arequipa). Summum says about the best restaurant in Arequipa: “If you haven’t visited this shrine to heavenly flavor, then you have not experienced Arequipa’s cuisine. As the maximum exponent of the picantería culture, this restaurant’s peerless traditional dishes are prepared with devotion and the best regional ingredients. With its ocopa en batán, adobo, and river shrimp, La Nueva Palomino will convert its guests into true believers.”

Chicha por Gastón Acurio (Santa Catalina 210, City center, Arequipa) is the runner-up and La Trattorio del Monasterio (Santa Catalina 309, City center, Arequipa) placed 3rd.

Best restaurant in the Cusco region

Cicciolina, Bodega – Tapas bar (Triunfo 393, 2nd floor, Cusco) is the winner. Summum says about the best restaurant in Cusco: “Cusco receives travelers from all over the world, and Cicciolina welcomes all those looking to spend a pleasant moment over a glass of wine and delicious tapas, savoring an exceptional lunch or dinner, or perhaps an enticing breakfast with a gourmet touch. A classic that makes the Incas’ famed “bellybutton of the world,” as Cusco’s historic core was known, into the epicenter of the city’s most distinguished and delightful culinary experiences.”

Chicha por Gastón Acurio (Plaza Regocijo 261, City center, Cusco) is the runner-up and Map Café (Plazoleta Nazarenas 231, Museo de Arte Precolombino, Cusco) placed 3rd.

Best restaurant in the La Libertad region

Winner is Romano Rincón Criollo (Calle Estados Unidos 162, Trujillo).Summum says about the best restaurant in the La Libertad region: “Locals’ palates in northern Peru are demanding, but this Summum has won them over with ease. Its incredible seasonings, heaping portions, and pleasant atmosphere account for part of its success, while the other part is because of its huge menu, where guests can always find something exquisite to order. No visit to Trujillo is complete without lunch at Romano Rincón Criollo.”

Big Ben Huanchaco (Av. Victor Larco Herrera 1184, Huanchaco) placed second and El Mochica de Doña Fresia (Sta Mariana, Trujillo) third.

Best restaurant in the Lambayeque region

Fiesta Chiclayo Gourmet (Av. Salaverry 1820, Chiclayo) is the winner. Summum says about the best restaurant in the Lambayeque region: “Here we have an almost unbeatable Summum, which should come as a surprise to no one. When Fiesta opened its doors in Chiclayo in the 1980s, the terms “regional cuisine” and “gourmet” were almost never uttered in the same breath. Don Alberto Solís achieved this feat with exquisite dishes that honor Chiclayo’s tasty traditions and its heritage passed down from the Moche people, all amidst a captivating atmosphere with excellent service.”

Runner-up is El Rincón del Pato (Calle Augusto B Leguia 264, Lambayeque) and third El Cántaro (Calle 2 De Mayo 180, Lambayeque)

Best restaurant in the Loreto region

Winner is Al Frío y Al Fuego (Av. La Marina 138, Iquitos). Summum says about the best restaurant in Loreto: “While the jungle has always had something enigmatic about it, there is no mystery why Al Frío y al Fuego has taken the crown once again as Loreto’s best restaurant. Should any more reasons be needed, its fantastic floating locale (including a terrace with a view of the river and a pool) and its creative use of regional ingredients are more than convincing.”

Fitzcarraldo Restaurant Café Bar is second (Calle Napo 100, Iquitos) and Amazon Bistró (Malecón Tarapaca 268, Iquitos) comes third.

Best restaurant in the Ica región

And last but not least winner in Ica is El Tambo de Tacama (Av. Camino Real 390, La Tinguiña,Ica). Summum says about the best restaurant in Ica: “With its hacienda house style and an ambience as welcoming as Ica’s weather, El Tambo de Tacama offers exquisite Peruvian and criollo specialties, and international dishes with a local flair, featuring traditional ingredients such as lima beans and pecans. The finishing touch is added by Ica’s renowned wines and piscos. At El Tambo de Tacama, celebration goes hand in hand with the house’s famous pisco sour.”

Runner-up is El Batán (Panamericana Sur 791 km 197.5, Chincha Alta) and third the Hotel Viñas Queirolo (Km 11 de la carretera a San José de los Molinos, Ica).

Best restaurants in Peru 2019

Best restaurants in Peru 2019 by category

The following restaurants received the prestigious Premio Summum in their category:

Best meat & grills restaurant

Carnal (Calle Elías Aguirre 698, Miraflores, Lima)

Summon says about the best restaurant in the meat & grills category: “A restaurant that has solidified its preferred status by consistently offering a first-rate experience, with premium American cuts of beef prepared to perfection every time. It serves the finest meats with exquisite garnishes, while the raw bar features lobster, crab, and other seafood delicacies to complement the perfect meal. To top things off, the wine selection is one of the best around.”

Best Chifa & Chinese cuisine

Titi (Av. Javier Prado Este 1212, Córpac, San Isidro, Lima)

Summum says about the best Chifa 2019: “What can we say about Titi that hasn’t already been said? That it’s a classic whose menu includes standout delicacies such as the kintú shrimp, roast duck, stir-fry noodles, and a peerless chaufa? All that and more. For instance, Titi has a unique ability to make room for the new and novel, including its deliciously original desserts. An extraordinary chifa that has remained a must for three generations now.”

Best Italian restaurant

Symposium (Calle Sta. Luisa 122, City center, Lima)

Summum says about the best Italian restaurant in Lima: “At Symposium, everything boasts an unmistakable style - from the exquisite Italian dishes to the exclusive imported ingredients used to make them, not to mention the refined ambience and the personal stamp of the restaurant’s owner, Marco Antino, that can be found in every detail. The variety on offer in the wine cellar, with its reserve of fine Italian wines, guarantees a perfect pairing with any of the house’s refined specialties.”

Best Nikkei & Peruvian-Japanese restaurant

Maido (Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores, Lima)

Summum says about the best Nikkei restaurant 2019: “Every dish at Maido is an original creation blending the Japanese and Peruvian influences of Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura. With precision and creativity, Chef Micha combines ingredients, textures, colors, and flavors, all with a presentation so meticulous that the food becomes a work of art. A complete experience that has captivated gourmands from both Peru and around the world.”

Best Creole restaurant

Isolina - Taberna Peruana (Av. Prolongación San Martín 101, Barranco, Lima)

Summum says about the best Creole restaurant 2019: “The tavern concept evokes good conversation, a pleasant atmosphere, and of course, many a joyous toast. Isolina offers all that and more. Chef José del Castillo has turned his locale into a space where shared platters of food, good cocktails, and criollo recipes from the Peruvian coast (several of which he has rescued from nearly being forgotten) make each moment a celebration of Peru and its wonders.”

Best contemporary Peruvian restaurant

Rafael (Calle San Martin 300, Miraflores, Lima)

Summum says about the best contemporary Peruvian restaurant: “Early on, Rafael was known for its distinctly Mediterranean focus with hints of the most varied and exotic cuisines. Over time, it started to incorporate Peruvian elements into its style (ingredients, recipes, recollections, and flavors) and the result has earned it a place as a Summum. Through it all, the contemporary, creative approach of Rafael Osterling has remained a constant.”

Best restaurant with  Peruvian regional cuisine

ámaZ (Av. la Paz 1079, Miraflores, Lima)

Summum says about the best restaurant in the category Peruvian regional cuisine 2019: “The Peruvian jungle is the star of the year in this Summum category. Our guide on this tour is Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who reveals to us the region’s exquisite and unprecedented flavors and exotic ingredients. A great aficionado and defender of the Amazon and its native foods and flavors, Pedro Miguel has turned the menu at ámaZ into a roadmap of this region, allowing us to savor it, enjoy it, and revel in its surprises.”

Best sea food and ceviche restaurant

La Mar (Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores, Lima)

Summum says about the best seafood restaurant 2019 in Peru: “Everything you could wish for when it comes to fish and other seafood: an array of cebiches and tiraditos, tasty platters hot and cold, soups, rice dishes, pastas, and classics revisited. La Mar is Gastón Acurio’s fabulous brainchild, a place where seafood, tradition, and a sly creativity are combined into a contemporary, cosmopolitan homage to the old-school cebiche restaurant.”

Best country-style restaurant

Chaxras Eco Restaurante (Calle 8, Mz K, Lt 66B, Pachacamac, Lima)

Summum says about the best country-style restaurant 2019: “Peru’s original eco-restaurant earns this year’s Summum crown in its category. Carefully selected organic ingredients, many of them taken from its own vegetable garden, are the star of the house specialties, prepared in a clay oven or cooked over charcoal or firewood. Exceptional platters, main courses and desserts, seasoned with sustainability and creativity.”

Best restaurants in Peru 2019

Best Café-restaurant

La Bonbonniere (Calle Burgos 415 San Isidro, Larcomar, Miraflores; Jockey Plaza, Surco; Jorge Chavez International Airport, Callao; Lima)

Summum says about the best café-restaurant 2019: “The exquisite taste of Marisa Guilufo and the creativity of her son, Chef Coque Ossio, are the recipe for success at La Bonbonniere. The charming atmosphere and perennially friendly service here provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy a menu that offers options for any time of day: breakfast, lunch, teatime, or nighttime. The only problem, and a delicious one at that, is deciding what to order.”

Best Restobar - Lounge

Hotel B (Jr. Sáenz Peña 204, Barranco, Lima)

Summum says about the best Restobar – Lounge 2019: “Grabbing a great drink in good company is always an agreeable experience, made even better by a lovely ambiance infused with art, sophistication, and a bohemian spirit. Ever since it opened its doors, Hotel B has garnered attention for its own special style and the gorgeous Barranco mansion in which it is located. Its interesting selection of cocktails and wines do the rest of the work.”

Best Rotisserie chicken (pollos a la brasa) restaurant

Primos Chicken Bar (Av. Los Conquistadores 201, San Isidro, Lima)

Summum says about the best pollo a la brasa restaurant 2019: “The delicious pollo a la brasa (wood-fired rotisserie chicken) on offer here brings together families, friends, coworkers, or anyone else with something to celebrate who prefers to do it with exceptional food. That is the idea behind Primos Chicken Bar. This is not any old pollo a la brasa restaurant; it is a temple where diners come to worship the chicken of the golden skin. The sides are many and varied, and we would be remiss not to mention the salads and hamburgers. Start your meal with an ice cold beer and top it off with a delicious dessert.”

Restaurant with best world cuisine

 Jerónimo (Av. Mariscal La Mar 1209, Miraflores, Lima)

Summum says about the restaurant with the best world cuisine in Peru: “Inspired by the world of street food, Chef Moma Adrianzén set out to explore recipes from other continents. The result is a creative approach that has gradually come into its own without losing the originality and freshness that make this restaurant continue to surprise. A traditional paella or a classic dessert are reinvented Jerónimo-style, offering us a definitive experience.”

Best new restaurant

Siete (Jr. Domeyer 260, Barranco, Lima)

Summum says about the best new restaurant in Peru: “Impeccable and appetizing with a style all its own: this description perfectly captures the food at Siete, the Barranco restaurant owned by Ricardo Martins. With a clear reverence for the classics, the chef adds his own personal, creative touch to each dish using ingredients from around the world and intriguing combinations of flavor and texture. The delicious cocktails and unique atmosphere are perfect for sharing a special experience in good company. A true Summum.”

Best Bar

Carnaval Bar (Av. Pardo y Aliaga 662, San Isidro, Lima)

Summum says about the best bar 2019: “With a name that evokes color, celebration, and diversity, this endeavor exceeds anything we could have imagined. Carnaval offers conceptual cocktails with its own style and exceptionally original presentations, thanks to the talented Aarón Díaz, a barman who has earned this locale a place among the Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars in the Americas, the list of The World’s 50 Best Bars “Bars to Watch,” and now in Summum.”

Restaurant with the best ambience

Osaka (Av. Felipe Pardo y Aliaga 660, San Isidro and Av. El Polo 660, Surco, Lima)

Summum says about the restaurant with the best ambience 2019: “A restaurant’s ambience is that seductive extra ingredient, sometimes elusive and other times unattainable. When it is captured, however, it truly makes a difference, beguiling guests and ensuring an exceptional experience. Osaka seems to have discovered the secret, earning its spot as Summum voters’ favorite in this category for the third year in a row.”

Restaurant with the best service

Maido (Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores, Lima)

Summum says about the restaurant with the best service in Peru: “Being one of the top restaurants in Peru, Latin America, and the world means that standards are always high at Maido, and this restaurant just keeps getting better. The same exigency and quality that make Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura’s spectacular culinary creations stand out can be found in the attention and service lavished upon visitors as soon as they walk in the door, offering an unmatched experience for every single guest.”

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