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San Isidro: Today the money changers will be removed from the streets (Picture: El Comercio)

San Isidro is removing the money changers from the streets

They will face fines of up to S/3.975 Nuevos Soles

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The money changers that continue working on the streets of San Isidro today will be notified and urged by the police and a prosecutor to leave public areas.

If they persist in staying and continue offering their services, they will be fined with up to S/3.975 Nuevos Soles and reported to the municipal prosecutor's office, the the spokesmen of the municipality San Isidro warned.

The withdrawal of about 50 registered money changers is the consequence of the ordinance that was emitted for security reasons and it mainly prohibits the handling of foreign currency on public roads. The first areas that are being targeted by officials of the municipality are Miguel Dasso street, Las Begonias and the Rivera Navarrete avenue, among others...

Enrique Guzman, representative of the workers, said that will not go away.

"We have been working here for more than 40 years!" he excused himself.

He said that they need a reasonable period to find alternatives. To rent office spaces (future exchange offices) in the district of San Isidro is very expensive and prices can be in the range of 7.000 to $ 8.000 per month.