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The Peruvian capital Lima is the 3rd worst congested city in the world. Drivers are stuck in traffic up to double the time a trip would take without the chaos on the roads.

Lima – the third worst congested city in the world

TomTom Traffic Index reveals the cities with the worst traffic congestion


TomTom, the Dutch multinational developer and creator of navigation technology and consumer electronics, released the TomTom Traffic Index 2018 which provides statistics and information about congestion levels in 403 cities across 56 countries on 6 continents. And the Peruvian capital Lima is among the top 3 worst congested cities in the world.

Around the globe traffic congestion has significantly increased over the past decade and about three-quarter of cities around the globe reported higher or stable congestion levels between 2017 and 2018.

On the TomTom Traffic Index 2018 Mumbai in India could defend its title “Worst congested city in the world” with a congestion level of 65% (down 1% from 2017); meaning that drivers had to spend 65% more travel time than an average trip would take them during uncongested conditions. Bogota in Colombia ranks second (2017 3rd) with 63% (up 1% from 2017).

cities with worst traffic congestion 2018 source tomtom traffic index forbes

While in 2017 the Peruvian capital occupied world rank 9 and drivers spent 50% additional time stuck in traffic, conditions even got worsein  Lima in 2018 with a congestion level of 58% (up 8% from 2018) which resulted in position 3 on the list of the worst congested cities.

Peak Congestion in Lima

The traffic chaos in Lima is surely at its worst during workday morning and evening peak hours, so between 07.00 am and 09.00 am and between 05.00 pm and 08.00 pm. With an average congestion level of 88% in the morning drivers can expect that their 30 minutes trip will take them an additional 26 minutes, so 56 minutes. In the evening traffic jams are even worse with a congestion level of 104%; for a trip that takes 30 minutes during uncongested conditions drivers have to spend an additional 31 minutes, so over an hour, in their car.

lima peru congestion level by time of day

Source: TomTom Traffic Index 2018 for Lima

However, if you are flexible, the best time to get around Lima with no congestion is during midnight and 04.00 am. Or the best day to drive in Lima in 2018 was December 25 with 14% the lowest average daily congestion.

As most of us aren’t that flexible and "Driving in Lima isn’t for the faint-hearted", for shorter distances walking or biking to your destination might be worth to consider.

And just for comparison: in the US for example Los Angeles has the worst congestion levels at 41%, followed by New York (36%) and San Francisco (34%).

Source: TomTom Traffic Index 2018

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