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31 Peruvian families own 13% of the country's financial wealth; photo: investopedia

31 families in Peru own 13% of the country’s financial wealth

The number of millionaires increased by nearly 10% in 2016

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According to the Global Wealth Report 2017 compiled by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 31 families in Peru own US$ 12.296 billion (12,296,000,000) which is about 13% of the country’s total financial wealth.

Additionally, the number of Peruvians with a fortune of more than US$ 1 million increased in 2016 to 7,259; up 652 (9.9%) compared to the previous year. These Peruvian millionaires accumulated a total of US$ 36.59 billion which corresponds to 39% of the country’s financial wealth.

But while all this money could make a huge difference in Peru, 70% of it is parked or invested abroad. According to Joaquin Valle, partner and managing director of BCG, preferred countries include Panama, the Caribbean and Central America, the US and Switzerland.