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Starting the 1st of July 2017 there are new regulations to enter Machu Picchu, Peru's most visited tourist atttraction
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In addition to the already announced new entrance times, another change to visit Machu Picchu takes effect on July 1, 2017. From then on visitors are only permitted to enter the Inca citadel in groups of max. 16 people accompanied by an official tour guide.
Starting July 1, 2017, Machu Picchu visitors must choose if they want to enter the Inca citadel in the morning or afternoon; photo: telegraph
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By offering a normal ticket and an afternoon ticket the Peruvian Ministry of Culture already for the past year slowly introduced a new system to enter Machu Picchu with the aim of better coping with an increasing number of visitors and improving the conservation and preservation efforts of the Inca citadel.
Flights from Lima to Chachapoyas?
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For years there have been rumors and announcements that the one or other airline in Peru initiates a flight route between Lima and Chachapoyas.
Lima’s airport finally has an official shuttle service to town
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Travelers arriving at Lima’s International Airport Jorge Chavez in Callao or wanting to get to the airport until recently only had two choices to get to town: arrange a pick-up with the hotel or a private transport service never knowing if they show up or take a taxi never feeling sure to arrive safely or to not being ripped...
Lima’s airport only 3rd best in South America
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For years Jorge Chavez International Airport in Callao, Lima’s gateway to the world and the interior of the country, set standards for air travel in South America and was extremely popular with air passengers.
Machu Picchu and many other sights along the classic travel route in Peru are not affected by rain, flooding and destruction and operate as usual
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While numerous countries issued travel warnings for Peru due to the excessive rainfalls and flooding, be aware that not all of the country is under water. Visiting large parts of Peru is still possible and even helps to minimize the financial losses many locals have to face right now.
Peru implements new air passenger control system
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Yesterday Peruvian Minister of the Interior Carlos Basombrio and United States Ambassador to Lima Brian A. Nichols officially inaugurated the implementation of a for Peru new air passenger control system that meets the highest international standards.
The new ferry connecting Iquitos with Santa Rosa, the Peruvian town at the border of Brazil and Colombia, makes traveling the Amazon faster, more comfortable and safer; photo: Daniel Carbajal
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For years travelers wishing to go from Iquitos to either Brazil or Colombia on the Amazon River had to make a quite boring and uncomfortable, nevertheless exciting 3 days / 2 nights journey on a slow boat or a day trip on a fast boat. Now these times seems to be over.
Inca Trail closed in February
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As every year the Inca Trail leading hikers to Peru’s famous Inca citadel Machu Picchu is closed in February mainly for maintenance and conservation works, but also to ensure the safety of visitors during the peak of the rainy season.
Lima reached with nearly 2,5 million international arrivals position 76 on the Top City Destinations Ranking
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Yesterday, Euromonitor International, an independent market research company operating worldwide, released its annual Top City Destinations Ranking covering 100 of the world’s leading cities in terms of international tourist arrivals – and the Peruvian capital Lima is among them.
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