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The best internet service provider in Peru to watch Netflix; photo: Reuters

Which internet provider is the best to watch Netflix in Peru?

The Netflix ISP Speed Index for Peru

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The stability and speed of the internet in Peru (and many other countries around the globe) isn’t always the best. So watching videos, movies or your favorite series with an unstable and slow broadband connection over the internet can be really frustrating at times.

Video streaming giant Netflix is aware of this and monitors the speed performance of numerous internet service providers (ISP) across the globe to see which ones work best with their app. And the good thing for users: Netflix publishes the top ISP by country each month.

The best Peruvian internet providers to watch Netflix

Since 2014 Netflix included Peruvian internet service providers in their list and since then regularly checks on the performance of Movistar, Claro and Olo. Up until August 2016 Movistar always was the best to watch Netflix, but since then Claro outpaced its competitor.

In March 2017 Claro, which unfortunately isn’t available throughout Peru, was the best internet service provider for Netflix reaching average speeds of 2.98 Mbps with their fiber and cable connections, while Movistar using cable and DSL came in second with an average speed of 2.61 Mbps.

Olo, however, using solely a wireless connection ranked third with an average speed of 0.97 Mbps.

Please note: the Netflix ISP Speed Index only measures which internet service provider performs best streaming videos from Netflix during peak viewing times. It however doesn’t measure the overall performance for other services or data of each provider.

Have a look at the full Netflix ISP Speed Index for Peru.