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The municipality of San Isidro, Lima started to tow wrong or illegal parked vehicles; photo: Municipality of San Isidro

Municipality of San Isidro cracks down on parking offenders

The reinitiated campaign “The street is no a sparking space” makes illegal parking expensive


Finding a parking space in a huge city like Lima is a challenge. And, as enforcing traffic and parking regulations isn’t exactly a strong point in the Peruvian capital and fees at parking facilities are high, motorists park their cars wherever possible and free of charge: on the sidewalk, on grass verges and in green areas, in disabled parking spaces, in driveways, on the side of the road and sometimes even in the middle of the street.

So, to crack down on parking offenders, already in 2015 the municipality of San Isidro initiated the campaign “La calle no es cochera” (the street is no parking space) and wrote out tens of thousands of parking tickets over the past 2 years to parking violators. But it seems this hadn’t the desired effect; random parking continued to be a big problem.

Now San Isidro reinitiated the campaign and is taking more drastic measures. Since February 20, vehicles blocking roads, ramps for disabled persons, driveways and green areas are towed to the nearest compound; cars parked on the street, on sidewalks and areas with a yellow line will suffer the same fate.

And it seems that the municipality of San Isidro is serious about it. Special traffic inspectors patrol the streets and take action if and where necessary. On the first day already more than 50 wrong parked cars were hauled off.

And be aware wrong or illegal parking and then being towed is expensive in San Isidro. Drivers will have to pay a fine of S/ 2,025 (US$ 625), the costs of the towing service of S/ 180 (US$ 55) and S/ 35 (US$ 10.80) per day the car is in the compound to get their car back. However, if all fees are paid within 3 days a 90% discount is granted on the fine (70% discount if payment is made until the 5th day and 50% discount until the 10th day).

Payments can be made at the compound, Depósito Municpal, block 6 of Calle 21 n° 691, Urb. Corpac. After the payment, the impounded car is released on presentation of an ID (original and copy), vehicle title, driver’s license and current SOAT insurance.

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