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Sky Airline Peru takes off in April
February 18, 2020
Last Friday Sky Airline Peru, a subsidiary of the Chilean low-cost carrier Sky, re...
Sky Airline enters Peruvian domestic flight market in 2019
December 30, 2018
Peru’s first low-cost airline Viva Air Peru, which started operation in the countr...
Direct flights between Cusco and Iquitos in 2018
November 22, 2017
Even though distances in Peru are large, inter-regional flights between cities in ...
Flights from Lima to Chachapoyas?
May 23, 2017
For years there have been rumors and announcements that the one or other airline i...
Viva Air Peru starts operation in May 2017
April 30, 2017
After numerous announcements and delays it’s finally definite: Peru’s first low-co...
5 results - showing 1 - 5