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San José Festival in the northern beach town of Las Delicias near Trujillo; photo: iPeru
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19 March
Each year around March 19, the small beach town of Las Delicias located about 9 km (5.5 miles) south of the city of Trujillo celebrates the Feria de San José in honor of its patron Saint Joseph.
Sir Alexander Fleming College
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The Fleming College in Trujillo aims at being the leading international school in the provinces of Peru. Using the best of British, Peruvian and international methods it offers an up-to-date, concept-based bilingual education.
The Russian State Ballet performs in Trujillo
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04 to 05 February 2017
The famous Russian Ballet Company (Russian State Ballet) led by respected choreographer and Bolshoi ballerina Vyacheslav Gordeyev is once again on tour in Peru.
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