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Peru Crime & Safety Report - Details of the current U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory for Peru
Peru Advice & Security Series Travel Advisory (2018) TinTinTinTin October 10, 2018 308   0   1   0   0  
According to the current U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory, Peru has been assessed as level 1: exercise normal precautions. The following information is an extract of the current Travel Advisory for Peru issued by the U.S. Department of State. Additional information has been added by the U.S. Embassy in Lima and the author.
Cybersecurity Basics for Travelers to Peru
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 12 TinTinTinTin April 27, 2018 517   0   1   0   0  
As technical and physical cyber defenses become more robust and effective, individuals have become the increasingly weak link in the security chain. This weakness is exploited by malicious actors through threats like phishing. No matter the technology that a company installs, a data breach or ransomware attack is only one click away.
Safety tips for women traveling alone in Peru
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 11 SunflowerSunflower October 15, 2016 1078   0   1   0   0  
As already mentioned in our article "How dangerous is Peru", Peru is a diverse country full of vitality and South American lifestyle which can be visited easily and safely, even for solo female travelers.
Meeting the opposite sex in Peru – How to stay safe
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 10 SunflowerSunflower October 15, 2016 1025   0   1   0   0  
Most men are attracted to the beautiful, young and caring Peruvian women ensnaring their counterparts by being so different to the "cold" North American and European women.
Drugs and other illegal substances in Peru
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 9 SunflowerSunflower October 15, 2016 889   0   1   0   0  
Since ancient times the cultivation of coca leaves (the raw material required to make cocaine) has a cultural and social significance for the indigenous people of Peru. Until today the stimulant effects of the coca leaf are used for medical purposes and in traditional religious ceremonies.
Earthquakes in Peru – Why they occur and how to stay safe (The illustration shows the tectonic plate movement)
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 8 SunflowerSunflower October 15, 2016 1329   0   1   0   0  
Earthquakes are among the most powerful and terrifying events on earth. Unfortunately for thousands of years they have been a common occurrence in Peru. Although scientists have tried for decades to predict earthquakes, until today we still don’t know when and where to expect the next tremor.
Health information for travelers to Peru
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 7 SunflowerSunflower October 15, 2016 1268   0   1   0   0  
Falling ill on vacation is a real downer. Therefore, a little bit of pre-travel health preparation might be wise to stay well and fit during your travels. To help you to prepare for your Peru trip and provide an overview of the medical situation in the country, we compiled some general health information and medical advice.
Safety advice for taking a taxi in Lima and other Peruvian cities
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 6 SunflowerSunflower October 15, 2016 1177   0   1   0   0  
Lima, with nearly 10 million inhabitants the largest city in Peru, can be quite a challenge, especially for visitors not familiar with the capital. This combined with the warnings and sometimes unfounded horror scenarios visitors keep hearing, unfortunately often results in instinctive extreme wariness and uncertainty.
Tips for your journey – Travel safe & problem-free through Peru (Picture shows a road sign warning about llamas crossing
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 5 SunflowerSunflower October 15, 2016 1378   0   1   0   0  
Peru is a huge country and distances between the countless attractions are great. The fastest and safest, but unfortunately as well the most expensive way of getting around Peru surely is by plane.
Money Matters Peru – handling money and credit cards (Picture shows the 200 Nuevos Soles Bill)
Peru Advice & Security Series Part 4 SunflowerSunflower October 15, 2016 1048   0   1   0   0  
Traveling to a foreign country is always an exciting experience; visiting Peru is no exception. So many new impressions should be taken in that it’s easy to get distracted and probably not to pay the necessary attention to an important issue such as money.
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