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Grape Harvest Festival in Peru - Festival de la Vendimia; photo: andina
Since the Spanish conquerors brought the first grapevines to Peru, which prospered due to favorable climate along the southern coast, a significant wine industry developed in the region. Today cultivating grapes and producing wine and Peru’s famous Pisco plays an important role in Peru especially in the southern cities of Ica and Pisco.
Casuarinas College
Casuarinas International College is an international school following the International Baccalaureate (IB) education program.
Colegio Franco Peruano
The Lycée Franco-Péruvien is a French international school in Lima. The school follows the French and the Peruvian curriculum.
Colegio Peruano Aleman Alexander von Humboldt
The Alexander von Humboldt School is an official German school abroad (Deutsche Auslandsschule) in Lima open to all nationalities. The school follows the German and Peruvian curriculum offering all grades from Kindergarten up to the Peruvian and German diploma.
Hiram Bingham
Hiram Bingham is a British International School influenced by Peru’s national curriculum.
Colegio Peruano Britanco
The Colegio Peruano Británico (CPB) is a private institution, inspired by the values and principles of British education.
Markham College was founded by British expatriates and students fulfill the Peruvian and the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) program from the University of Cambridge.
The municipality of Surco, Lima uses the wood of trees that have to be cut down to make lovely large sculptures which are exhibited on the streets of the district; photo: Municipality of Surco
During colonial times often referred to as the “City of Gardens”, today the Peruvian capital Lima could rather be name city of concrete, asphalt, dirt and dust. Accessible green urban spaces and trees are rare and mainly concentrated in the “better” districts such as San Isidro, Miraflores and San Borja.
Gran Corso Wong - Wong Parade 2017 in Lima
Over the past 30 years the Gran Corso Wong became a beloved part of the celebrations for Fiestas Patrias, Peru’s National Holiday, and is a must see when in Lima.
A fire at the Jockey Plaza shopping mall in Surco, Lima broke out earlier this afternoon; photo: El Comercio
This afternoon at around 04.30 pm a fire broke out at the Jockey Plaza shopping center, for 20 years Lima’s showpiece mall. Officials confirmed that shoppers and workers could be evacuated and access to the shopping mall is denied; at this moment there are no reports of injured persons.
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