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Traditional rebuilding of the Q’eswachaka Bridge
In the first half of June members of four Quechua communities high in the Peruvian Andes about 180 km (110 miles) from Cusco come together to ceremonially cut the ropes of the Q’eswachaka bridge, the last remaining traditional Inca rope bridge, let it fall into the Apurimac river below and then rebuilt it by hand in a 3-day ceremony...
The Peruvian National Anthem
Peru declared its independence in 1821 and the General José de San Martín began a contest to select a National March. At the end a composition of Master José Bernardo Alcedo was selected.
Next to the three official languages Spanish, Quechua and Aymara, over 40 indigenous languages are still spoken in Peru; most of them might dissappear rather sooner than later.
Peru is a megadiverse country that unites multiple peoples and indigenous tribes, cultural traditions and languages within its borders. Before the Spanish conquest in the early 16th century an assumed 300 to 600 different languages were spoken in the area.
The team of Ñuqanchik, Peru's first all Quechua speaking news program, broadcasted today for the first time; photo: Andina
This morning TV Peru in collaboration with Radio Nacional, Peru’s public television and radio networks, broadcasted the first ever all Quechua speaking news program called “Ñuqanchik” – the Quechua word for “us”.
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