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The colorful Fabrics and Textiles of Peru
History of Peru TinTinTinTin Updated July 23, 2019 7044   0   1   0   0  
Europe’s first knowledge of Peruvian textiles was acquired following the Spanish invasion of Peru in 1532, when the conquistadores included a few fabrics in shipments of gold and silver they sent back to Spain.
On June 7 each year Peru celebrates Flag Day in honor of the brave men who fought in the Battle of Arica in 1880 during the War of the Pacific against Chile
Peruvian Public Holidays and Festivities SunflowerSunflower Updated October 20, 2018 14685   0   1   0   0  

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07 June
On June 7 each year Peru celebrates its National Flag Day honoring the brave men that tried to protect Peruvian territory and the Peruvian flag on that day in 1880 during the Battle of Arica, one of the most important encounters of the War of the Pacific between Peruvian forces and the mighty, well equipped Chilean enemy. ...
Multimedia - Videos - Peru Telegraph
Multimedia TinTinTinTin Updated October 12, 2018 8520   0  
In this section of our Multimedia gallery you’ll find the videos & clips from our News, Travel Destinations, Editor's Opinion's, Peru Information section and selected Documentaries
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