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This it how the new cruise terminal in Miraflores, Lima should look like after being finished in 2021
The cruises market is booming with an international growth rate of over 50% over the past ten years hitting 25.8 million cruise passengers in 2017. But South America only got a 3% piece of the cake and Peru’s slice was with a little over 0.2% tiny. One of the reasons for that is the missing or unattractive infrastructure. ...
International Christian School Lima (ICS)
The International Christian School (ICS) of Lima is an independent, tuition-based, co-educational day school that offers an international curriculum based on the US American standard for expatriates.
Colegio Pestalozzi
Colegio Pestalozzi is a Swiss International School aiming at being an “encounter” school (Begegnungsschule) where the Swiss and Peruvian culture intermingle.
Colegio Peruano Aleman Alexander von Humboldt
The Alexander von Humboldt School is an official German school abroad (Deutsche Auslandsschule) in Lima open to all nationalities. The school follows the German and Peruvian curriculum offering all grades from Kindergarten up to the Peruvian and German diploma.
San Silvestre School
San Silvestre School is a British Peruvian girls only school offering a combination of British and Peruvian education. The total enrollment is about 1400; most students are Peruvian, but a variety of different nationalities can be found.
Markham College was founded by British expatriates and students fulfill the Peruvian and the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) program from the University of Cambridge.
Peruflora 2017, the largest flower fair in Lima, is held in Miraflores in September
For the 6th time the municpality of Miraflores in Lima together with the Peruvian Association of Landscape Architecture (paiperu) organizes the Peruflora, a botanic fair dedicated to Peruvian plants and flowers.
The famous shopping mall Larcomar in Miraflores, Lima reopens after a devastating fire
The with tourists, high-end customers and locals popular multilevel shopping, entertainment and food megacomplex Larcomar in Miraflores reopens after a devastating fire on November 16th ceased operation completely.
Sedapal cuts off water supply in 6 districts of Lima due to repairs on a main water line
Sedapal, the water utility company in Lima and Callao, announced that on Tuesday, December 13th, 6 districts in the Peruvian capital will not have water from 01.00 pm to midnight. Affected are Chorrillos, Miraflores, San Borja, San Juan de Miraflores, Surquillo and Surco. The service is suspended due to repairs on a main water line located under Av. Javier...
A devastating fire at the Larcomar shopping mall in Lima, Peru killed at least four people; photo: Diario Correo
Yesterday, Wednesday morning four people died at the Larcomar mall in Lima’s district of Miraflores. Shortly before 10.00 am a devastating fire started in the recently renovated UKV Multicines cinema located deep inside the unique shopping center on the fourth and lowest basement level. Larcomar, the famous multilevel shopping, entertainment and food megacomplex, is built into the cliffs of...
11 results - showing 1 - 10
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