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The Avenue Guzmán Blanco will be closed starting today
Living & Lifestyle News TinTinTinTin Updated May 01, 2017 2304   0   1   0   0  
The affected stretch is between the Plaza Bolognesi and the Jorge Chavez roundabout in downtown Lima.
Limeños pay homage to the Lord of Miracles
Peruvian Public Holidays and Festivities TinTinTinTin Updated October 20, 2018 3750   0   1   0   0  

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Throughout October
It’s October and this means Limeños pay homage to their most venerated religious figure: El Señor de los Milagros or also known as Cristo de Pachacamilla.
Chapa Taxi - 100% Peruvian “App” to order taxis - Picture (c) Peru21
Technology & Science News TinTinTinTin Updated April 29, 2017 1488   0   1   0   0  
Chapa Taxi is the first Peruvian taxi ordering application and the company behind the development has set its goal to be the most economical and safest option in the market.
San Borja installed 20 emergency buttons in high transit areas - Photo (c) by
Technology & Science News TinTinTinTin Updated April 29, 2017 1559   0   4   0   0  
The district of San Borja installed 20 panic buttons to alert the municipal police force in case of any criminal acts on the streets.
An editor’s view of Lima the capital of Peru
Editors' Opinion SunflowerSunflower Updated October 08, 2019 2303   0   1   0   0  
Lima today is no longer the wealthy, beautiful colonial settlement and most important city in the Americas like it used to be during colonial times; or the lovely capital of independent Peru with nice haciendas, fishing villages and lots of green surrounding it. Today Lima with its close to 9 million inhabitants, shantytowns and sometimes tatty facades isn't attractive...
Caral – The Sacred City in Peru
Travel Destination SunflowerSunflower Updated November 04, 2017 10863   2   6   0   0  
Neither explores nor tomb raiders could find anything of real value after the discovery of an ancient settlement in the early 20th century; no gold, no silver, no ceramics, no weapons or other archaeological treasures. So for nearly 100 years a huge archaeological complex sat nearly forgotten and completely unnoticed on a desert plateau overlooking the valley of the...
96 results - showing 91 - 96
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