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Grape Harvest Festival in Peru - Festival de la Vendimia; photo: andina
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Since the Spanish conquerors brought the first grapevines to Peru, which prospered due to favorable climate along the southern coast, a significant wine industry developed in the region. Today cultivating grapes and producing wine and Peru’s famous Pisco plays an important role in Peru especially in the southern cities of Ica and Pisco.
The Afro-Peruvian Summer Festival (Festival del Verano Negro) in Chincha celebrates Afro-Peruvian culture
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Usually around mid-February
Chincha - and here especially the district of El Carmen – in the southern Ica region of Peru can be considered as the capital of African culture in the country and is home to the largest celebrations of Afro-Peruvian art, folklore, gastronomy, music and dance each February.
Greenpeace activist Wolfgang Sadik sentenced to prison on probation for entering and damaging Peru's famous Nazca Lines
Nature & Environment News SunflowerSunflower Updated December 07, 2017 5229   0   1   0   0  
During the UN climate summit in Lima in 2014 a group of Greenpeace activists laid out a banner which read “Time for Change! The future is Renewable” next to the famous humming bird geoglyph of the iconic Nazca Lines causing not only irreversible damage to the sensible, age-old UNESCO World Heritage site, but also sparking a global outcry. ...
Festival of the Crosses – Fiesta de las Cruces in Peru
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03 May
The Festival of the Crosses, also known as Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses Festival), was introduced to Peru by the Spaniards and is celebrated in Peru mostly in towns in the Andean highlands on May 3.
The Marathon des Sables, the toughest long distance running race in the world, is coming to Peru in November 2017
Sports News SunflowerSunflower Updated November 04, 2017 5229   1   1   0   0  


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24 November to 4 December 2017
For over 30 years the Marathon des Sables, the Marathon of the Sands, is held every year in the Sahara Desert in southern Morocco and is known to be the toughest long distance running race in the world. Now this extreme challenge is coming to Peru.
Huacachina near Ica Peru is the hotspot for dune buggy driving and sand boarding
Travel Destination SunflowerSunflower Updated April 09, 2018 15634   0   7   0   0  
Scenically Peru seems to have it all: an ocean on the doorstep, beaches with palm trees, an impressive mountain range with deep valleys and high plains, a jungle with lush vegetation, and an extremely dry desert with its very own oasis.
4.9 magnitude Earthquake recorded in Ica
Safety & Security News TinTinTinTin Updated May 01, 2017 1830   0   1   0   0  
According to the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) a mild earthquake of 4.9 magnitude with its epicenter located 27 kilometers south of Ica was felt this morning in Ica.
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