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Virgilio Martinez, famous Peruvian chef and owner of the Central restaurant is part of the season 3 of Netflix Chef's Table
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower Updated May 01, 2017 4340   0   1   0   0  
In its third season, starting on February 17, 2017, the popular, Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary “Chef’s Table” finally features one of Peru’s most renowned culinary stars.
Sopa a la Minuta, also known as Sopa Criolla is a Peruvian beef and noodle soup
Food & Drink SunflowerSunflower Updated February 05, 2017 21613   0   8   0   0  
Sopa a la Minuta, also known as Sopa Criolla, is one of these Peruvian comfort foods that just makes us feel home, warms us on cold and cloudy days, nourishes and revitalizes us and has the power to make everything better. And the good thing: as the name of this hearty Peruvian beef and noodle soup already suggests, it...
Peruvian Panetón, a yeasted sweet bread with candied fruits and raisins, is a delicious treat throughout Peru during Christmas
Food & Drink SunflowerSunflower Updated February 05, 2017 9972   0   1   0   0  
One of the most treasured Peruvian Christmas traditions surely is having a thick slice of Panetón with a steaming cup of freshly prepared hot chocolate for breakfast, in the afternoon or as goody in between throughout the holiday season. In rural areas it’s still very common to share these delicious treats on Christmas Eve late at night with family...
Peru scored high at World Travel Awards 2016 - Image source: World Travel Awards (c)
Travel News SunflowerSunflower Updated April 30, 2017 1968   0   1   0   0  
Last Friday World Travel Awards (WTA) announced its 2016 winners at its 23nd annual awards ceremony in the Maldives. Known as the „Oscar of the Travel Industry" the World Travel Awards acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence in the tourism industry already since 1993. And while Peru could defend its title as World Leading Culinary Destination on a global level,...
Lima Restaurant Week, held from November 4th to 16th, offers food lovers to enjoy an incredible menu at one of Lima's first class restaurants for a bargain price.
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower Updated May 01, 2017 1245   0   1   0   0  
For over 20 years “Restaurant Week” is celebrated in numerous cities around the globe such as New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Sydney, Beijing and Rio, just to name a few. So Lima, the world’s gastronomic capital and a food lover paradise, has to be part of it as well. Since 2014 some of Lima’s best restaurants participate in the...
The Peru Mucho Gusto food festival in Tumbes takes place from the 4th to the 6th of November 2016; Photo: Peru Mucho Gusto
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower Updated May 01, 2017 5148   0   1   0   0  
For the second time the city of Tumbes in northern Peru hosts the Peru Mucho Gusto food festival this coming weekend. Organized by Promperu, Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Board, and Tumbes authorities, the food fair aims at promoting the local gastronomy and less known Peruvian destinations as well as boosting domestic and near-border tourism.
A slice of typical Peruvian Pie de Limon
Food & Drink SunflowerSunflower Updated February 05, 2017 12630   0   4   0   0  
Even though not originally a Peruvian creation, Pie de Limon surely is one of country’s most popular dessert and cake. Where the traditional lemon pie originated from is quite a controversial subject: some sources say the crust and lemon curd filling was used in medieval Europe for centuries until a Swiss baker combined these in the 19th century with...
Peru celebrates National Anticucho Day
Food & Drink News SunflowerSunflower Updated May 01, 2017 5188   0   1   0   0  
As every year on the 3rd Sunday in October, Peru celebrates today with the "Dia Nacional del Anticucho" one of its most popular national dishes.
Sacha Inchi - Inca Peanut or Mani del Inca - One of Peru's known "Super-foods"
Food & Drink SunflowerSunflower Updated September 09, 2019 8297   0   1   0   0  
Sacha Inchi, also known as Mani del Inca or Inca Peanut, is native to the Peruvian Amazon region and consumed by indigenous tribes for over 3000 years. The oval, dark brown seeds inside the characteristic star shaped fruits are rich in oils, proteins and amino acids.
Lomo Saltado - A typical Peruvian Dish
Food & Drink SunflowerSunflower Updated February 05, 2017 15529   0   6   0   0  
Lomo Saltado is one of the most popular and iconic Peruvian dishes. It is a comfort food that can be found nearly everywhere in Peru, prepared at home for family and friends, in simple restaurants and up-scale places alike, and of course in Peruvian restaurants abroad. This traditional creole dish represents like no other the unique fusion of different...
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