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A fire at the Jockey Plaza shopping mall in Surco, Lima broke out earlier this afternoon; photo: El Comercio
Safety & Security News SunflowerSunflower Updated May 01, 2017 3041   0   1   0   0  
This afternoon at around 04.30 pm a fire broke out at the Jockey Plaza shopping center, for 20 years Lima’s showpiece mall. Officials confirmed that shoppers and workers could be evacuated and access to the shopping mall is denied; at this moment there are no reports of injured persons.
A devastating fire at the Larcomar shopping mall in Lima, Peru killed at least four people; photo: Diario Correo
Safety & Security News SunflowerSunflower Updated May 01, 2017 4542   0   1   0   0  
Yesterday, Wednesday morning four people died at the Larcomar mall in Lima’s district of Miraflores. Shortly before 10.00 am a devastating fire started in the recently renovated UKV Multicines cinema located deep inside the unique shopping center on the fourth and lowest basement level. Larcomar, the famous multilevel shopping, entertainment and food megacomplex, is built into the cliffs of...
Fire in El Agustino destroys MINSA warehouse - Pictures: El Comercio
Safety & Security News TinTinTinTin Updated May 01, 2017 1714   0   8   0   0  
Patricia García, the Minister of Health, confirmed that about 70 – 80% of the valuable stock of medication and important documents from previous years were lost in a fire last night in the state owned warehouse located in the district of El Agustino.
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