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Taytakunan Festival in Lima

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The Taytakunan Festival in Lima combines two Peruvian passions: food and music.

Lima has a new cultural fair, the Taytakunan Festival which combines two Peruvian passions: food and music.

While on one stage renowned Peruvian chefs accompanied by a music artist prepare live some delicious dishes, on another stage national and international bands such as Bareto, Kanaku y El Tigre, Uchpa, La Nueva Invasión, Thomas Young, AchkiriK, Cumbia All Star, Semillas Reggae, Temple Sour, Rapper School, Francois Peglau, Ves Tal Vez, Cultura Profética (Puerto Rico), Systema Solar (Colombia) and Apache (Venezuela), perform.

Taytakunan Festival in Lima 2017

When: June 24, 2017, starting at 11.00 am
Where: Parque de la Reserva (Circuito Mágico del Agua), Jr. Madre de Dios, Lima
Tickets: available at Teleticket in Wong and Metro supermarkets or online for S/ 108 – S/ 168.